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This is one of my favorite mantras, which I use very often on my social media.

I use it as a reminder for my self and others,
to be light over darkness;
to be aware over ignorance;
to be present over disconnection.

I’ve been personally gifted cause I feel life trained me to do so.
In hard times, I always found the positive sides, and I feel I had no other choice.
In those moments I was saying to myself: “ I’m already in a mess and darkness so, if I’ll be focusing on that, what I’ll get a result ?”

Of course, I rather choose to focus on the positive side of each experience, and it requires practice, the mind it’s a muscle, it requires practice to appreciate the sun, the stars, and the moon.
I tell you two secret companions that helped me over: faith and gratitude.
Make those, your best friends.

Any time I felt lonely, disappointed, sad, or had an accident, in the end, I was thankful cause I knew they were making me stronger, they were a builder for my character and the person I embody today.

Saying that, let’s suppose you are experiencing something though, where you can’t see the light right now.
I wanna make you an invitation: try to bring your attention within yourself.

“ If you can’t find light outside, you’re looking in the wrong place.“
Imagine being in a dark tunnel where there are no lights, but you have YOURSELF inside that tunnel who’s searching for an exit, searching for a sign, a light…

What if you put the attention within?
Have you ever thought about it?

Here is the good thing: you’ll discover that you are the light, and you have to remember to turn it on!

And… that light is THE ONE which will guide you out of that tunnel.
No one else can do it, no one else can save you, not any artificial light, but YOU.

So, to do so, first of all, you have to embrace and accept the moment you are, and you have all the rights to experience it and be in;
Second of all, you need to call your best friends: faith and courage to come and help you to rise and shine again.

“Some may see the sparks reflecting in the ocean, and some may see how dark is the ocean.“
Love to observe that sparkling lights reflecting above the waves, it brings me back into peace and allows me to feel so many other beautiful emotions without being attached to them.

Your light is the doorway into your soul, and only your soul has the power to create sparkling lights in your life.


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