With a difficult year behind is, it comes as no surprise to see people longing for something to keep their spirits up. 2020 was a year to remember, and not only because of the pandemic that swept through the whole world, but there were also many other notable things as well. Let us not forget the many happy things that have happened in our lives because if we only focus on the negative, what kind of life did we really live up until now? After all, terrible things do happen quite often and whether we like it or not, it will keep on happening. Life is like that; the universe unfolds itself onto us and the only choice we have is to accept it and move on. The world around us will not stop for no matter what, which is why we can only hope to grasp and cope with the new around us and not be left in the dust.

At the end of every tunnel, there is light. The light might be faint, it might shine bright, or for some, the end is not in sight yet. No matter what the case is, there is something waiting for all of us. What we do in the meantime will define the outcome and if we will like what we find at the end of the tunnel. We have been conditioned to look out only for the good and to ignore the bad, we are groomed to deeply despite the wrong so that we can only feel one sensation and feeling: happiness. Unless we are happy, we are not truly satisfied and accomplished beings. Is this really true, though? Of course not. We are humans, we need to feel all sorts of emotions, even if it means that from time to time, we need to be on the edge. Those exact moments in life, the taste of defeat, the sweet aroma of depression is what is necessary to see the firelight up in us. If everything is good and peachy all the time, are we even really living? There are two sides to everything and without the good, there is no bad, and vice versa.

Humans can be amazing and adaptable in every possible aspect of life, however, in order to adapt, to become part of the future, to shine bright in the darkness, we must first take a step into the void. If we just keep on searching for a light in broad daylight, we will not see it, let alone find a purpose for it. Nevertheless, keep in mind that once you take a gander into the empty space of darkness, it glances back at you too. Do not be afraid to let some darkness into your life. It is inevitable and most of all, it is needed to live a fulfilled life.

At the other end of the candle, we are patiently waiting for someone to take the first step in order to change the world, to change us. In most cases, we should be able to take the first steps and show everyone how to change. It takes courage, it takes strength, and ultimately it takes determination. When we try to reach for the light, we hope that it will grant us everything we might need in life. This could not be further from the truth. The path we take to get there is more important than what we get in the end. We want to reach a bright fire lit in the emptiness, yet we are afraid that the darkness will consume us, however, we ourselves are the light that shines brightly to others.

We must assume that no matter what in life, we can be there for others, and even when we think we hit rock bottom, we are still a light for someone. Even if the year 2020 has broken our wings and shattered our spirits in some way, we must not falter. We must push on forward, if not for us, then for others. We can, and should, inspire others!


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