How can we attract spiritually elevated, crystal clear, beautiful people into our lives?

How do we attract the Wise Ones?

“Elementary, my dear Watson”

By becoming one of them, inside out!

Back in 2007/8, after a breakdown, burnout, and going through the grieving of the departure of someone very dear to me, it was then when I started invoking the Archangels, praying and meditating.

After 4- or 5-months people in similar brain/heart/spiritual wave frequency started popping into my life. They became my spiritual family, soul brothers and sisters, that are still in my life until today and beyond.

I kept my spiritual practice until today adding more practices that I learned over the years, like positive affirmations and some rituals. This whole thing has completely transformed my life and set my professional life into a whole new direction: My Life Path direction.

How do we attract vegetarian and vegan people into our lives?

Yes, you got it, by becoming one of them.

In 2008, during the spiritual transformation, these things happened:

  1. I stopped smoking tobacco, joints and drinking coffee and watching TV almost immediately.
  2. 8 months later I stopped eating meat.
  3. 10 months later I stopped eating fish, becoming a vegetarian.

Around 8 months after vegetarian people started to appear in my life, beautiful friendships came out of it and they were really inspiring, teaching me what they knew about being vegetarian.

In 2018 when I became seriously vegan, after separating from my daughter’s father and I opened Shakti Ashram, almost literally all the volunteers that applied to help in the Ashram were strictly vegan and/or they were eating only raw food. They wouldn’t smoke nor drink alcohol either. As we were living together, they really inspired me with their teachings and pure light into vegan and raw food and reasons to do so. They were real Gurus to me, truly beautiful crystal-clear people. This phenomenon also happened back in 2008/9, when I became vegetarian and wanted to learn more about veganism and raw food diets.

In 2020, April I wasn’t able to travel from South India where I live, to my home country Portugal (after 7 years without going there), due to the lockdown, 2 months later, in June my father passed away and my daughter’s father stopped providing us money for the monthly expenses, as he wasn’t having income either and with all this together, I let myself sink into a muddy dark hole of emotional breakdown.

My vibration has literally dropped down like a rocket and I restarted to eat non-vegan (fish, chicken, eggs, and dairy), restarted smoking occasionally until it became a habit, I was searching for love and distractions in all the wrong places, I just wanted to smooth my pain and, obviously, I started to attract non-veg people and smokers and with other unhealthy habits and addictions.

This year I looked at my life and I said to myself:

No way! This Is Not who I want to be, nor do I want to keep damaging my health in this way.

I never stopped my spiritual practice though, but at this point, I started to do new prayers with more faith.

I was totally committed to stopping going on the wrong path and restarting on the good path again because I have been there, I know, all the goodness and blessings that come from it. I knew by experience it was more than worth it!

By the way, our bodies and minds work best with raw and vegan foods and are free from caffeine or other toxins. At least, mine definitely does!

In the process of praying these Hindu Mantras, a Quantive popped into my life out of the blue and brought me into learning practice Kalarippayattu (an ancient martial art in South India, known by the mother of all martial arts). We became friends and I absolutely loved to practice it in a proper Kalarippayattu training place with a proper Guru. The very first day I started, I automatically stopped smoking and never came back to it again. I just did not feel like doing it anymore.

My dear friends and readers, the reason why I am sharing these personal experiences is to show you this:

It’s All a Matter of CHOICES! Can you understand this?

From the moment we make a Choice in our lives of walking on the Path of God, walking in the direction of the Goodness, the Universe conspires in our favour, bringing all what and everyone we need to reach our Goal of Clearing ourselves.

From the moment we Truly Commit ourselves to the CHOICE we made for our life, everything and everyone that we need Will enter our lives, lovingly assisting us in walking the Path of Truth again. No illusions anymore.

…like Angels, literally…Earth Angels that’s what these people are.


Because once we make a choice in our lives, we Commit to that choice and we give the first steps, we will start to vibrate in a certain vibration and so, instantaneously we will start to attract people in similar vibrations. That’s so simple as this. Does this make sense? Just think about it for a moment. From the moment your vibration falls because of an emotional breakdown, or you start to think about smoking or drinking or other addictive behaviours, even if you are not doing it yet, you will attract people with those same vibrations. Our thoughts count!

Same for when you chose to do your spiritual practice, or stop an addictive behaviour, and clear your body and mind, your vibration will automatically raise its frequency and so, you will start to attract people in those more bright, elevated vibrations.

So, my dear friends, it’s All a Matter of Choice.

We Do Attract people with similar vibrations to ours, so it’s really worth making a little effort to go beyond our limits and transcend ourselves in order to attract Beautiful Inspiring people in our lives, become The Best Version of ourselves, and have an Amazing Life working in what we Love and attracting abundance and blessings of all kinds.

We are only humans and it’s okay to fall. It’s okay to fail. Forgive and be gentle and kind to yourself.

The question here is:

Are we able to RISE again?

Yes! Of course, we are!!!

We All have this Strength inside ourselves, we All have the Light of God in ourselves, rather if we choose to truly See it and experience it.

Prayer, meditation, positive affirmations, yoga, kalarippayattu, or any other physical activity that you enjoy, (the important thing of Moving your body and sweat!), becoming vegan, vegetarian, I mean…these are just suggestions, but I can’t recommend them enough!

Also, one little tip, if you want to stop a bad habit, you have to first find a good habit to replace with it. This means, always replacing a bad habit with a good one because you need to fill the hollow created by stopping the bad habit. Got it? I know you did.

So, tell me, What Do You Choose?

With Love, Light, and Wisdom.


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