I really love this title, I have to say in a way I am always searching for new things and experien­ces, therefore, I can inspire others, that’s why for example, I’ve been traveling.

Been doing this for a long time and been gifted that I could combine with different types of jobs, seeing beautiful places, making new friends cre­ating rich connections and explore different cul­tures.

This year really gave it to me in multiple ways, but I also found it tiring to not have a proper house or place were to “go back to” where I could find my toothbrush in the same place for more than 1 week!

So, I’m looking into the New Year with the eyes of being disciplined and focus.

I’ve started to feel a natural “need“ of settling and grounding, to have my own house, space, maybe a little music studio.

I’ve never experienced being settle in one place, doing every day the same thing, as an artist I’ve always had the need to see and explore new thin­gs and that’s why where opportunities called me around the world, I was there!

But now, It’s time to do something different, so­mething I’ve never done before, some baby steps.

I feel 2020 it’s a number of rich content, I see a picture of fireworks and sparkling stars. The fee­ling of the coming year It’s solid, strong, stable, already by saying it and reading it. I remember I wrote that I would have my first kid in 2020, but not sure as I haven’t found the father yet?! ha ha!

However, It is also the year of my 30s and ac­cording to astrology, Saturn Goes return, which means It’s a wake-up call and time to get real.

To be honest, I’m in this challenging vibration to do what I am called to do at the moment, I also feel a bit pressured because of the age, like, I have to take actions and do it now!

The Saturn Return it’s like “Grow up, grow up“!!!

I’m kind of walking on that bridge were, the girly Sarita that been traveling, with no commitments, no responsibility, free from anything, sharing po­sitive vibes beautiful pictures and stories, it’s tur­ning into a woman… with a luggage full of expe­riences, languages, wisdom and It’s time to put these seeds on the ground, to be disciplined and focused.

When I was in Israel, something strong started to arise, which is the connection I have with music: shivery feelings, fluid sensations in my body and clear messages told me that I’ve had to do something with my voice.

So, I’ve done so. I’ve made my first song called “Hilton Bay” and the music video it’s on the way. I have few projects I’m working on it, music and healing go hands-on hands, lately, I’ve been organizing some events in Belgrade, where I could mix voice and sound, sharing guided meditations and I feel so grateful for that and the people I’ve met.

For 2020 I made a vision board and I suggest everybody do it.

It really helps to manifest and attract what do you want into your life, where do you see yourself, with whom, doing what?

Those are questions that I’ve never put in the table before, as I was like a butterfly flying from flower to flower.

Apparently, I came back to my origins which is Serbia to kind of settle, to have a place where to start from and I’ve chosen it as my parents are here, I wanted to be close to them and also to feel my origins. Even though I was born and raised in Italy, I find some similarities with Serbs, I like the musical influence here, from “the Balkan “.

I really hope for this New Year to settle and maybe I’ll share the following transformation in the next months, cause I do believe that when you have a desire, a dream, you should pursue, and with discipline, you’ll get it!

Hopefully, this article will inspire to do so, gives you some new vibrations and I wanted to thanks Mia for inviting me to write something about this theme.

She’s such an amazing soul in the city!


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