What is life without having a dream? Can you really imagine yourself drifting through life and not aspiring to anything? Dreaming about the future can, and in most cases, will be the fuel to your life. The good thing about dreams is that they come in an abundance, so picking one is not a necessity. However, some people feel like their visions end the moment they are fulfilled, and then there is only an empty void left behind. This should not be true because then you will feel like you have sacrificed a part of yourself in vain, and got nothing in return. Where one of your dreams ends another should be sprouted so that your force of creativity can go on.

The world would be a grim place without dreamers and their visions of a better and improved tomorrow. All the marvels of today we enjoy effortlessly and have everything at our convenience is thanks to those who dared. Of course, it is not easy being different, and in most cases, your ideas will seem crazy and unattainable, but they are worth it. Do not let anyone ever make you doubt yourself or think that whatever is driving you is meaningless. You do not own anyone an explanation to why you are doing something the way you are and why it will be good, let them sit tight and wait for the results, just promise them that it will be an amazing experience.

All the dreamers of the world, past, present, and future, they all have one thing in common: their imagination is vivid! Never let anyone tell you otherwise. Stop coloring within the lines and make sure to pick the wrong color, dare yourself to be different and do something completely out of line. Step out of your safe zone, turn right, make up a new word, go crazy with the possibilities at your disposal. Strive to achieve your dreams no matter how impossible they seem to be because only then can you really claim that you have done something great in your life.

Your imagination is the greatest tool you will ever own, nothing can compare to the vastness of creative overflow if you know how to unlock its full potential. Those who have forsaken their inventive side have also given up on their dreams, and now they are a former shell of what they could be. They have a gray aura around them sapping the very energy of those who still dare to dream and want to change the world. Do not allow them to take over, instead, help them out and make sure to give them a hand so that once again they can lift their heads up and to think of a brighter future. After all, imagination is a driving force that needs not fuel, and will never burn out, you can share and ignite it in others. Keep the flames alive by creating more and inspiring others to do so.

Having a dream is nice and all, however, unless you share it with others, they will not be as meaningful and they will not be as epic as you want them. Sharing is caring, and in this case, if you have a great idea, you must give others a chance to take part in it. Whatever you do in life, no matter how great or small, a simple inspirational quote, an act of mercy, or even the idea you had, will live on. Your dreams will live on. Only if you allow other people to see its magnificence and let them help you carry it out.

There is only one force in the world that can help you push through even the worst in your life, and it is to believe in something, to dream about something. Because fighting for a cause and having faith can help you up when you feel beaten, and when the world seems like it is trying to pull you down. In the end, there is nothing you cannot envision, and if you wholeheartedly set your mind to it, you can reach greatness. But, in order to do your best, and to leave an epic footprint in history, first, you must have a dream to follow.



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