Who are what are we? It is not easy to answer because the question itself is complex. More pressing is the matter of what we leave behind and if did something noteworthy in life. You are more of a collection of memories, actions, and emotions than you would think.

The eternal question we all ask ourselves: did we really matter? Our whole lives fly by without us even noticing if we actually made a difference, if we even made an impact. However, no matter what you do, no matter how little or insignificant it might seem, wherever you go, you leave traces behind that help shape you and the world around you. Perhaps you will not win a Nobel prize but, you will do enough to change someone’s life or at least their perspective, and that is what really matters. Those fleet moments are what truly inspire others and make sure that you leave your mark behind. People will remember you by that and make sure that you survive the test of time.


We do not realize that simple mundane things we might do every single day that are boring to us could actually be awe-inspiring to others. Doing your job could be just another normal Monday and you might not think much of it, yet, your coworker could think the world of you. Without noticing or giving it a second thought, you are making a great impact. You subconsciously and unselfishly influence others to a degree that you become more than just a part of their lives, you become someone they can look up to.

Children love to copy adults because that is their own unique way of learning behavior and how to function in the world. That means that unintentionally you will bestow upon them eternal knowledge passed on to you or, you can affect them in a negative way so that they become twisted. No matter what, your traces will be present and not only you but, the society too, will feel its aftermath. Ultimately, you have to be on the lookout and behave.

It is hard to measure just how much of an impact you have made so far because you can never be truly objective and you will doubt what others tell you. Nevertheless, just by simply being alive you will leave an imprint on the fabric of time, you will matter, and you will leave behind a meaningful legacy, no matter how small it seems. Not everyone’s name can go down in history books and while it looks like you have had a trivial existence your family, friends, children, and your work will tell a different story.

Not as part of a eulogy but as a life story that your closest and most loved ones will pass down generations. After all, your grandmother’s apple pie recipe could probably be considered world-class but only your family knows about it, which makes it even more special.

The best example of just how much your traces are important and how it affects future generations is the fact that the world we live in is changing drastically because someone somewhere believed that rubbing two rocks together is a good idea. That first person who figured out how to make medicine did not probably think that this will save millions, rather, they were trying to help someone ease their pain for the moment. Hundreds of years later it has had a great impact on everyone’s life, literally. That is why you should not fall into the deadly spiral of believing what you are doing is unimportant and that it will not matter. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but eventually your influence will be felt.

Everything great starts with small steps and you cannot hope to reach the top without actually having to work for it. Leaving your traces behind is not as trivial and unimaginative as you might believe; you have already touched and intertwined many lives for better or worse. You will be remembered and you will matter to more people than you can ever picture. Every single thought you share, every thing you do, every person you interact with, will make your presence that much more powerful.

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