Change is an inevitable constant in life and no matter how we try to keep things in perfect harmony, it will happen eventu­ally. The only thing we can do is accept that change is taking place and go with the flow. Other than that, we will only try to fight off something we cannot even comprehend fully. People are afraid of changes because then it means that we have to adjust and adapt new rules, which in all honesty can be scary. Moreover, hu­mans are creatures of habit and every sin­gle thing that falls out of the ordinary will scare us.

Change is a fact of life and new must re­place the old. Try as we might, what we got used to will eventually become old and obsolete, which is why we must make room for the new. However, not everything that is new has to be good, far from it, though, we should embrace it and mold it to our own needs. Only that way can we really understand and welcome new into our lives. Then again, not everything that is old should be necessarily cut out or replaced completely. Sometimes, it is a good idea to leave something old behind to remind us of what was and what has to follow.

Change is a force that has the power to wash away our past sins and make sure that what is to come will make our lives better. We have to understand what it en­tails and how we can make use of it in our lives. People who try to fight it are often stuck in the past and cannot let go of the feeling that they will disappear into the void. That cannot be further from the truth because every single person forms the change happening in their lives and they also help shape society and influence oth­er people’s lives. In the end, moving into the future is not only going to be affect­ing you but all those around you as well. That is exactly why it is hard letting go of things from the past because we feel that if we do, we are letting go of a piece of ourselves, but in the process, we deprive ourselves of new and interesting experi­ences that could make our lives richer.

Change is something we must accept as part of maturity, which it inevitably is, and as such, it means that we are growing up. That is a terrible notion for most of us as we would all love to be held in our moth­er’s embrace for eternity and never grow old. That kind of thinking is exactly what is holding us back as humanity because we do not fully grasp that progress and change of things are good, not necessari­ly done correctly every time, but it is a path that we must follow if we wish to elevate ourselves. That kind of growth, in turn, means that new rules are being formed which does not conform our world right now. There are many who wish to keep things as they are because it suits their own selfish and egoistical needs. Change cannot sustain those wishing to stop the ticking of time in order to be on the top forever, quite on the contrary.

Change is universal and it can bring out the very potential lying dormant in each and every one of us, only if we allow it to happen. If we continue to resist nature and the way it evolves, we will never be able to reach humanity’s peak. Our lives can only remain mundane and without a higher purpose if we do not embrace change. Every once in a while, we need to be reminded that things around us are shifting and that we must keep up with the world. After all, everything around is going through changes and without resistance, if we wish to follow, we must be willing to accept that our lives are part of a grandi­ose scheme and all of us are intertwined. Change will happen whether we are part of it or not, the only question remaining: are we prepared to accept it or do we want to fight it?


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