Nine Practices to Inspire You to Improve Your Life

This is an article with detailed suggestions about what you should do in the morning that can help you to Change Your Life.

Your current reality … does not matter. What you see is an illusion mistakenly perceived by your ego. Your limits are only in your mind.

I know this is very easy to say but not easy to believe in, but … start by integrating this mes­sage: “There are no limits or anything that you can not reach”.

However, a conscious work is needed at the level of your spirit. And that is why I stress the spiritual morning practice so much. When you get to the point where you just want your life to work and have your dreams within reach of your hand … then it’s worth all the effort, or sacrifice, to get it.

Since my “spiritual awakening” in 2007 up to now, I have been undertaking an interesting walk full of ups and downs, discoveries, mag­ic, small and great miracles in my life. In the course of this walk, I have been learning prac­tices, one after another, I have been using and experiencing their effects. This learning still continues and will go on because we never know enough. I continue to add and change my practices and experience miracles, to solve my earthly difficulties through challenges that life brings me.

Seeing the results in my present life, I feel more encouraged to deepen my practice and go even further. Most days I wake up around 3am and I’m up until 7am with God and myself.

It is VERY worth it. And it is no sacrifice at all. I wake up (or “they” wake me up) often before the alarm clock rings. I share my practice here with the intention of inspiring you to make an effective change in your life, for the better. I just remind you that it is from your TRUE con­nection to God, the Universe, the Angels and your Spiritual Guides that EVERYTHING be­comes possible.


Before you begin your practice: Light up a can­dle and incense, call up for your Spiritual Guides to guide you, inspire you, assist you and protect you throughout the day. May they guide you with wise thoughts and words and wise decisions and actions, which bring your Higher Good.

20 min. of self-healing with Reiki. If you still have not done so, I recommend that you learn Reiki levels I and II as soon as possible (it will be a pleasure for me to teach you, if you come to South India one day, or if I go to Portugal and or­ganize workshops). Reiki helps harmonize your energy, emotions, mind, helps you to root and stay calm and focused for the day. It also acts as a protection. In Level II you learn 3 symbols which you can use not only during healing but also for practical issues in your life, including protection, harmonizing spaces, healing situa­tions in the past and attracting what you want for your future. 20 min. of meditation. Close your eyes, sit in a comfortable position and “see” and “listen” for the messages “They” send you through visions and words. It is recommended to stay like this for 15 to 30 minutes. If you are not doing it yet, start doing it every day, ideally sometime between 5 a.m. and 7 a.m. Meditation is one of the most powerful tools you can have within your reach to Truly Change Your Life.

Draw a card every day from Doreen Virtue’s An­gels. While you shuffle the cards, ask the Angels what you need to know today for your Greater Higher Good. Let one card fall onto your hands naturally. (They are relatively large). They are always spot-on! It is a great guide to help you decide which course to can take for that day or the next, to make sure you are on the right track or to remind you of your talents and of what you have to do. 10 min. prayer from the small book “The Violet Flame” and also some other prayers from The Medicine Buddha, Green Tara, Archangel Raphael, Archangel Uriel and Ieman­ja. The Violet Flame prayers are protective, they connect you to the Divine Energy and are very beautiful and powerful. 30 to 40 min. of positive affirmations and key-questions, quoted loudly in front of a mirror. I took this material from four different books and wrote it down in a notepad that I read every morning. The books from which I drew these affirmations are: Louise Hay’s “You Can Heal Your Life” – the daily practice of the affirmations in this book is a valuable help in valuing yourself and empowering your life at various levels; “A Return to Love” by Marianne Williamson, which is one of the most beautiful books I have read, and it is a small and simple introduction to the “Course in Miracles”; “Real Wealth” by Jonathan Robinson, which address­es the spiritual way of attracting the work and abundance we desire; “Ask and It’s Given” by Abraham Hicks which explains in detail how the Law of Attraction works and indicates 22 practices to use and obtain the life you dream about. I think there are Portuguese translations of these books quoted in English. It is necessary to read carefully and in full each book in order to understand and assimilate its message and then it is up to you to put its precious teachings into practice . 15 min. writing of the following exercises in an A4 notebook with dividers:

A) Money: Draw a table similar to a bank bal­ance, with the date, the amount (start with 5 € and deposit 5€ more each day, i.e, if you start with 5 € today, tomorrow you write down 10 € and so on).

In the next column you write the description of how you spend this money, or if you save it. In another column you put how much you have spent and in another the final balance. This ex­ercise helps you make clear what you want to have or do in your life, and it also makes you feel a lot better about money. When your vibration in relation to money changes, your reality conse­quently changes.

B) Messages from the Dreams: In another di­vider you write down meaningful dreams which you may have had that night. If there is nothing, write nothing. This exercise helps you connect with the messages contained in your dreams and understand future situations in your life. They may be premonitions, warnings, messag­es of ethereal or earthly spiritual beings, and attachments of your soul to the soul of another person. Pay attention to the messages of these dreams and act wisely when putting these mes­sages in practice in your life.

C) Gratitude: In another divider write a sentence with a reason why you are grateful, it may be someone in your life, a place, a thing, an event or anything else that makes you feel happy. This exercise brings the vibration of gratitude to your heart which is one of the highest vibrations we can reach.

D) Projects and Dreams: In another separator, write something that you wish to happen, some goal that you want to reach, a project, an idea or a dream that you want to accomplish. This exer­cise puts you in touch with what you really want, helps you define purposes, set goals. And when you write on paper what you want to happen, you are half way to it actually happening! The Universe only needs some time, depending on the difficulty of the goal, to align all the people, events and situations so that it becomes pos­sible. It may take days, weeks, months, a year, or even two, but no longer than that. Obviously, we must have an active role in this process and we DO something; start ACTING, even in small steps, both at spiritual and at physical level.

E) Program the day: In the last separator, draw a line to divide the sheet in half. On the left side you write the things of the day that only you can do, on the right side you write the tasks that need to be done but that other people, or the Universe, can do. This exercise helps you or­ganize the day mentally, as well as remove the burden from your shoulders that can be dele­gated to others. Physical Exercise: 40 min. (or more) Yoga, (or other physical activity). On the days when I get up between 3am and 3:30am., I do this around 5:45 am, when dawn begins. If I do the Sun Salutation for 30 minutes and I end up all sweated, this is indeed very good! Whatever gets the blood running in your veins, makes you breathe deeply, helps you connect with your body, helps you release endorphins, the well-being hormones, is a great way to wake your mind up, create optimism and prepare you for the day.

Read for 20 to 30 min. a spiritual book, self-help or something you are learning and developing at the moment, while you drink a tea with honey, (no caffeine or white sugar, the latter is pure venom!) Adopt a positive attitude throughout the day. Stay positive, calm, rooted, and if some­thing is not going the way you want, mentally repeat this affirmation for a few minutes: “How and which things can improve more than this?”

By doing this practice in the morning before the day begins, and before mixing with the ener­gies of other people, you will align yourself with a very specific frequency, which is your own alignment with the Universe, which will help the day to run as You want. You will be surprised at the small coincidences and pleasant surprises that come along your day.

When you do this practice in its entirety, you give your will to God, and you are very unlikely to act from the ego. From there, you become an in­strument of God and God brings you absolutely

EVERYTHING that you need to accomplish your Life Path. It does not mean that it brings what your ego wants, but undoubtedly it brings you everything you need to fulfill Your Destiny in this life and to be HAPPY.

I remind you again, no one can do this prac­tice for you, it requires a strong conscious will that says to yourself I WANT TO BE HAPPY AND HAVE THE LIFE I DREAM! And then you start. As simply as this.


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