The theme for this month, “The Power of energy” is quite a big and, in every way, of course a powerful topic that can keep us energized just talking about it. Actually it is also a question, because we like to know how powerful the energy is and measure it. Like the sun, whose tremendous powerful energy keeps us not only warm, but also delightfully lights up our world and keeps all life alive. And we humans, we create electrical energy to light our world and run all kinds of machines and tools we have invented. And there is lots of powerful energy in nature, like lightning during thunderstorms, which creates nitrogen oxide, which interacts with oxygen to create ozone, refreshes the air and kills off many toxins in the air. So, this type of energy seems to have an intelligent design and benevolent purpose behind it! But lightning can also be destructive, as we know.

Thus, as we all know, energy in all its forms has desirable and undesirable aspects. If we add human motivation, that is, what we as humans do with energy, the story becomes quite complicated as to what the effects of energy can be, like energy in the hands of ill-intended humans.

So, what is energy? Where does it even come from? What makes it possible? Despite a stubborn persistence by scientists that our universe is purely all matter, Max Planck, Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla and many enlightened others have been telling us that there is no such thing as matter and that everything is “energy, frequency and vibration” (Tesla said this). What we see is thus actually an illusion as solid matter as such doesn’t exist. It’s all light energy in motion, and each so-called physical substance, whether it’s wood, metal, glass, water, air, etc., are all energies vibrating at certain speeds and frequencies, which then makes it possible for a glass to hold water, for a chair to be sat on, for a saw to cut wood, etc. That all these different frequencies can exist and manifest themselves into a trillion different “things” is quite an inexplicable miracle in itself, as is the power and presence of this energy. We live really in a very mysterious universe. And we are happily assured that while this energy can be changed, it can nevertheless never be destroyed. We can even harness the tremendous energy that is within the atom, even on an abusive level.

Then where does this energy come from? Nikola Tesla said “The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.” We give the ultimate source of energy many different names: The Universe, Source, All There Is, God, Universal Consciousness, Love, etc. Ultimately speaking, it remains an inexplicable mystery of mysteries. Even the materialists cannot explain “The Why” of the so-called Big Bang nor the Source of this Energy.

Now, let’s talk about psychological or mind energy and mind power. There are a few dos and dont’s here, like taking your power from others would of course be an abusive form of stealing. Not allowing others to freely exercise their power and energy would also be a no-no. Equally speaking, giving away your power to others is not to your best self interest, because such capitulation will make you weak and unattractive to others, and people will run all over you and take advantage of you. And on the positive side, once you set your mind firmly on something, we have the energy, will power and endurance to accomplish what we set out to do. Obviously, this is the power of thought, nothing much physical about it, except possibly in its process and manifestation.

So the mental, spiritual, and conscious thought energy you put into any effort, whether it is a mental activity first (like the ideas behind writing a novel or article), or primarily a physical activity (like doing the laundry), should always be one you freely choose for yourself. Even if you are being asked by your boss to do something, the mind you put behind that task, whether joyfully or with reluctance, is up to you. That’s the power of your own thought energy behind the process, the outcome, and the way you feel in the end.

Now, let’s turn our attention to the power of energy in affirmations. For example, if you prayerfully exclaim something like “Please fix my broken heart!”, this obviously affirms the brokenness, which actually makes it harder to fix because of that affirmation! You are affirming both the brokenness and the desire to have it healed. This is also a form of resistance: by resisting your brokenness, you maintain it for as the wisdom says that “whatever you resist, will persist”.

Instead, if you focus your energy and power of the mind on your heart already being healed, or whatever it is you desire, without dwelling on the pains, the negatives, and add lots of gratitude added to it, you can proclaim and exclaim something like: “I’m so grateful that my heart feels so joyful.” You see, the power of your own positive energy will sooner or later produce that much better an outcome. Happiness, so many experts tell us, us up to us, not up to others. We decide how to process the ups and downs of life. No one can do this for you. At best, others can comfort you, guide you, give you advice, but the power of the energy needed to be happy is totally yours to implement! No ocean can sink a ship, unless it the water gets inside; likewise, no negativity can sink you unless you let it in, by your own permission.

Thus, instead of claiming the lack, always claim the gift. And when you add “Thank you” for whatever gift or cure your affirmation desire is claiming, you quicken even further the desired outcome. When you do this often enough, eventually you will have victory over those negativities. How is this all connected to our topic? Well, for certain, a positive mind shows the power of your own mental energy at work! The energy of the Universe is fundamentally benevolent, so you can always benefit from that.

Indeed, we are all powerful creators of our own reality. We declare what we believe, and then that becomes our experience until we declare something different. If we find ourselves in a vicious cycle, remember then love, for only love has the power to break it, for it cannot be broken by negativities of any kind whatsoever. This is the blessing (and potential pitfall) of having your free will.

Love is a powerful and pervasive a force, thus also an energy, and is, as I believe actually the only fundamental force in the universe. Thus, Energy equals Love: E = L, like a mathematical formula. That has to be joyful and hopeful good news.

To elaborate: if we then think about ourselves, even though we obviously all have a visible form, nevertheless, we are also just energy, or Light, which is the light and love of our Source. Our bodies are more space than what seems to be matter. As we evolve spiritually, dense areas in our etheric or spiritual body, which reflect wounds and misunderstandings, will be healed and replaced by light. The more light-filled we become, the happier we will be, because our true nature is also light and love. Light and love are words for the same thing even though these words evoke different experiences within us. “Light” helps us see or visualize this energy, and “Love” helps us feel the true nature of this energy.

But just the word “love” is actually quite inadequate to describe this force, this energy, this power. Because it is way beyond human emotions. After all, our emotions towards our life, relationships and objects change so quickly, even within an hour, in our human experience. So, we really want to talk about an unchanging force, an unchanging energy of love. This is what I always call Unconditional Love.

There is also a force that we as humans all have in greater or lesser degrees, and that is the power of the ego, that in the worst cases narcissistically makes itself more important than others, more than our environment, more than the future of all children, and thinks it can solve problems by force. The ego lusts for power, money, sex, possessions, superiority, winning at all costs, and indulges in all kinds of self-destructive and reckless behavior, like alcoholism, smoking, overeating, etc.

Thus, once again, only unconditional, unselfish love can bring us to the powerful energy of joy, gratitude, happiness, and wishes fulfilled. And: This is what we all really want: a world of peace and servitude to one another expressed in the many creative forms humans are capable of: humanitarianism, philanthropy, volunteer work, nursing, feeding others, building roads and bridges, etc., kindness, thankfulness, compassion, and also by giving joy to others via the arts in its many varied expressions.

If I may mention one example of a human today who “walks his talk”, it is the Dalai Lama, a prime example of what humanity ought to and can certainly be! Our Mother Earth desperately needs a kinder, gentler humanity, so let’s all go forth in unconditional love and peace, and know that the divine power of energy, love and light are always with us!

I wish you all happy activations!