Angel Stone is a fitness and health coach. She  has achieved extraordinary success in fitness. Angel has worked as a trainer for Nike, an ambassador for Lululemon, and was named ’Cycling Instructor of the Year’ by Washingtonian Magazine. She has a Master Degree in Kinesiology and is the founder of Team Eshe/ Eshe Body Center. Angel is also a world traveller and she was in Belgrade for a few weeks in 2016.

How do we know what the right path is for us?

The path you’re on now is the right one. If you think you’re on the wrong path, find out why. Maybe you need to learn something, like patience, consistency, or self-love. To check if you’re on the right path, ask yourself 3 questions. 1. When it’s stressful, do I still want to be here? 2. Is this making me a better person? 3. If I knew I was dying, would I choose this path? If the answers are ‘yes’, you’ve found your path. Congratulations.


When you need to make a decision, which part of your body do you listen to?
I never make a decision based on what I think because my mind is full of doubt and fear. I listen to my heart. When there are no distractions (good or bad), I put my hand on my heart and listen. When I do this, I know the answer. I know it immediately.

How did you start your business in America?  (You were a Nike trainer)

I was working in a job that wasn’t fulfilling. So I quit and started my fitness business. I had no money and only 2 clients. It wasn’t the smartest plan. I didn’t know how I would get more clients. I didn’t know how I would pay the rent. But, I believed things would improve. One day, an article was written about me and everything changed. All of my fitness classes sold out. Later, I began working for Nike. My dreams came true.

You were a [fitness] trainer in the USA and Germany. What is the difference between the countries and the way of working?

Americans believe a fitness trainer is beneficial. If they can afford it, they will hire a trainer without hesitation. Germans need more convincing. They want facts, statistics and proof. The typical German will not ask for help. They will exercise alone. The typical American will ask for help. Of course, these are generalizations. There are always exceptions.

You worked for the USArmy as an officer. What was your experience like? What was the best part? What did you learn?
When I became an Army officer, I was 22. I had a lot of responsibility. It was hard. Mistakes weren’t tolerated. But, I’m glad I did it. I loved being on a team. When you’re a part of something greater than you, it’s empowering and special. My favorite memory was singing cadence, a call-and-response sung while running or marching. Those were my happies times!  *Here is an example. and

To be successful at our job, what do we need to do?
Ask yourself: Why am I doing this job? Be specific. List every reason. When you know the „why“, everything will change. You will see improvements in your motivation, performance, and job satisfaction. Then, you will be successful.

You write a personal blog, Fit & Hungry. What can we find there? 
I write about fitness, nutrition, and motivation. I also write about traveling the world, living without regrets, and getting what you want. I believe you can have it all. And, I show you how to get it.

Do you follow your dreams? Do you try to reach the unattainable?
Yes. I follow my dreams because the alternative is regret. If you don’t do what’s in your heart, you won’t feel complete. Plus, the idea wouldn’t enter your mind if it weren’t possible! The next time you feel inspired, do it. Ride the wave of inspiration. See where it takes you. How will you know if you never try?



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