The energies of May are such that you might want to schedule your important activities, networking and socializing in the first part of the month and save your relaxation time and solo activities for the end of the month.

The beginning of May brings a shift of energy from the Earth into the Air element as Mercury moves into Gemini on the 3rd and Venus on the 8th , both to remain there for the rest of the month.

Messages, emails, calls will suddenly flood your phone as everyone will be in a mood to chat and catch up. Many new connections are easily made during this time as the openness and friendliness increase.

We crave mental stimulation, so we’ll be looking for new events and happenings, whether online or in person, where we could learn something new or network and exchange information. The first week of May, however, may also bring indecision, lack of focus, lack of clarity, conflicting information and in general, lots of confusion, as Mercury and Jupiter are in a challenging aspect, so this is not the best time for making long-term plans.

With the New Moon in Taurus on the 11th will be supported by both Neptune and Pluto. This will be an ideal time to solidify your plans for personal and financial transformation through the use of visioning and manifesting practices (Neptune) and releasing self-sabotaging beliefs that prevent you from fully accessing your personal power (Pluto). The practices that would be the most helpful at this time would be the past-life regression, clearing of ancestral timelines or a Soul retrieval session. Crystals to work with during this time are Chrysocolla, Turquoise, and Larimar.

Every New Moon is about planting seeds and this one especially so given that it is in the sign of Taurus, so you can combine your manifesting practices with actual seed-planting and then as you watch the plant grow, bloom and blossom – your subconscious mind will connect that with your desires coming to fruition as well and thus strengthen the manifesting process.

With Mercury in a supportive aspect to Saturn – what we promise now, we will have the discipline to see through to the end. With Sun making the supportive aspects to Neptune and then Pluto in the same week, our intentions will receive additional support as long as we are willing to be visible and share our vision and our light with others.

Venus, the ruler of Taurus, now in Gemini, will make a supportive aspect to Saturn on the 19th so it would be a great time to talk about going the distance in relationships, commitments and investments and new opportunities along those lines may show up. This would also be a great time to discuss any relationship issues as practical solutions may be easier to find than at other times.

While Mercury officially goes retrograde on May 29th – affecting communication and travel (and all that we use to communicate and travel) — May 21st to 23rd is when most of us will already start to feel this, not only because we will be already within the so-called Mercury Retrograde Shadow Period but because Mercury squares Neptune. That means that there might be an increase in misunderstandings. Communication issues can come out of the left field, just as we thought things have cleared up.

Make sure to double-check any information, appointments and plans, so that you don’t misinterpret them or miss them completely. What typically happens is also that websites malfunction, any upgrades take much longer, online systems experience blackouts – so plan your time accordingly. Crystals to work with for all the Mercury-related issues are Fluorite and Clear Topaz.

Additionally, as Saturn starts its annual retrograde period on the 23rd, we may expect old issues to resurface around this time. As it is in Aquarius, the issues will most likely be regarding restrictions and limitations at the level of society or social interactions.

May 26th brings the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius. As the Moon will be very close to the South Node, a sense of deja-vu is going to be super-strong. Dreams may be very vivid and meaningful. People with extra-sensory abilities as well as empaths may be especially affected by this Full Moon, as they will feel old patterns and habits rise to the surface.

Because this energy is amplified by Jupiter, anxiety and emotional insecurity may be strong as well. It would be best to avoid crowds and schedule a day for yourself if you can. The best activity for the energy of this Full Moon would be learning something new about a topic you find meaningful that helps you see the bigger picture when it comes to your life. Crystal to work with now is Lapis Lazuli.

With Venus, Mercury and Neptune making challenging connections in the days following the Full Moon, and Mercury going retrograde at the end of the month, it makes sense to make sure that your daily schedule at this time has as few things as possible – you want to have the space to relax, turn off your phone, take your mind off of things, and just decompress.

I hope this guide helps you schedule your activities accordingly, so your May can be amazing!


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