After a year of vicissitudes, many difficulties and losses unimaginable over the course of 2020, due to the pandemic of the Corona-virus, all we want for the year 2021 is change and better days!

It seems that the dreaded Pluto came out of the depths of the underworld and provoked this flogging revolution, permeated with misadventure, desolation and death in a moment of carelessness of Jupiter, the God of the gods, the one who should ensure order and balance on Earth! External events force us to take internal measures to transpose or alleviate the harm caused in our lives!

New Year is the time when we renew our faith and hope for the future to bless us with the fulfillment of our material, emotional, intellectual and spiritual desires and aspirations; after all, we are a mixture of the four elements! We wish the return or abundance of health, work, love, beauty and joy of living!! We dream of making up for lost time, returning to work, at home or in the office, paying off debts, reuniting family, having lunch with colleagues, meeting friends, celebrating birthdays, weddings and graduations, exercising outdoors, going to the movies and theater; finally, rescuing our life as it was before the pandemic that imposed losses, frustration, suffering and resignation.

Until then, we had only been aware of such disharmony on a global scale by reports of history, due to the thousands of deaths recorded by the black plague, variola and cholera.

For many, the balance for the new year can only be resumed when much of the world’s population is vaccinated. For others, social democracy should be expanded, among many other ideas.

What life reveals to us is that, on a personal level, each of us can seek that balance now, without a waste of time. “But how?” Developing the qualities inherent to self – love and love the next. What do I need to do”? Strengthen the will and act with focus and determination. “To accomplish what”? To achieve the much-desired balance!

Balance is imperative to feel in Harmony, which is the most beautiful expression of Love. Let us dedicate this year to Venus, the Goddess of Love and Harmony in relationships, in romances and partnerships, through touch and diplomacy, grace and beauty. The balance lies not in becoming the opposite of what one is, but rather in seeking at the opposite polarity some of the qualities that are lacking in our personality; is to reach the central point between the polarities the signs and the four elements show us.

The first lesson is to stop whining and victimizing because of the problems. Let’s get to work! In many of them, the roots lie in fear, laziness, attachment, or vanity.

Did you lose your job? Don’t be discouraged! You know very well that you do not have only one single talent in life. Start developing a new or old gift, still dormant, in order to reintegrate into the job market or become your own boss in a new business. Develop what is related to discipline, responsibility and practicality (Earth Element).

You give too much love and you’re not requited? Is love over or worn out? Don’t get attached to that one which is already dead! Rescue your self-esteem because the next love expects you to be ready for a new relationship! Or are you emotionally needy and enjoy making a storm out of a glass of water? Maybe you lack emotions and people say you are insensitive? Depart to the issues concerned to the feelings (Water) and learn to be sensitive, to donate and share at the right dose.

Do you always live in company and cannot live alone, depending always on the opinion of the other? You can’t say no and you think you’re everyone’s doormat? Or are you the kind of guy who thinks you know everything better and always want to impose your will? Maybe you live alone, like a hermit, believing you’ve supplied all your social and intellectual needs? Start searching and deepening your knowledge, through philosophical, mystical or religious trips and readings, in order to broaden your worldview! Learn how to differentiate information from wisdom! If on the contrary, you live in the world of the moon rambling and meditating on a utopian and conceptual world forgetting the implications of day-to-day life, land lunatic! The Element Air is your ally to harmonize sociability and the mental-spiritual body. Eliminate indifference and arrogance or over-sociability.

You’re self-centered, you’ve got a lot of energy, you do all kind of things but you’re never satisfied? Or on the contrary, do you have no faith in yourself or the courage to fight for your dreams and ideals?? Practice humility, develop creativity, take risks and shine like the sun! (Fire)

We are able to progress and evolve in all aspects of life, and evolution is realized throughout our existence. We can take a few steps back, but we must always target growth, never involution. Pluto is bad, but through the symbolism of its power that requires transformation we also see that it is good, because despite the chaos there have been positive transformations in many respects. We see the awakening of solidarity and technological advancement: companies developing better products and services in the health, food and transport sectors, individuals who have begun to assist their neighbors, relatives, friends and strangers, the strengthening of the local economy and professional mindset reprogramming.

In 2004 I had my first Natal Chart made by an astrologer. I was so delighted to see that he knew so well to describe my personality, that I wanted to delve into Astrology and try to unravel certain mysteries that govern our lives. Pluto and his henchman corona-virus also forced me to reinvent myself in 2020. Until then, I was teaching Portuguese online, and so I started working as an astrologer, and I now have a great satisfaction in being able to help people get to know their selves better; confirming the areas where they have ease, stability and satisfaction, verifying the talents they can develop and indicating the disharmonious aspects, which require awareness and transmutation.


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