Sarajevo, World War I  and 0º Aquarius

 Author: Smiljana Gavrančić (Professional Astrologer ISAR CAP)

„Sarajevo is a tempestuous, yet a wonderful city of the East and West” is the title of an article on Bosnia and Herzegovina in the famous British magazine “Outdoor Enthusiast”, which has quite recently caught my eye…

“When we went out in the streets of Sarajevo, we saw young people, nicely dressed, and it was impossible to tell which one of them was a Croat, Serb or Bosniak. Sarajevo is precisely as one tempestuous, yet a wonderful and inspiring marriage, which has lasted, as such, for two millennia now,” as stated in this article. It is also added that Bosnia and Herzegovina, particularly its capital, are both a combination of the Eastern and Western culture and the two life directions of the two sides of the world. “This is the place where the East and West meet. This may be best seen if you look around and see the buildings constructed during the Ottoman empire, as well as the buildings built during the Austro-Hungarian rule,” all described in the same article. B&H is emphasized for its striking beauty of nature, which was preserved despite the war events of 1990s.

pixabay.comIt is no wonder that Sarajevo has always been the place of collision between different forces, influences and cultures. Sarajevo is the place where the East and West meet, where the Old and the New meet, where the Tradition and the Modern meet, where different, yet, overlapped religions and cultures meet. This is the city full of contrasting and illogical issues, put together in a perfect living harmony, the city rich with cultural and historical heritage, just as many other cities in the Balkans are. Only, as you will immediately notice, with one difference – in it, despite suffering that has lasted for centuries and many other misfortunate circumstances that have happened to it, it has managed to keep and maintain a visible trace of every epoch, people, tradition, language, costumes, food and all of these have blended into a perfect union you cannot often find elsewhere. And another thing – Sarajevo has this incredible power to give you the sense of freedom, free breathing. It is also called a European Jerusalem because the shrines of all the beliefs can be found literally within 100 square meters vicinity one from another – the City Hall – bezistans – The Bay’s Mosque – the Catholic Cathedral – the Old Synagogue – the old Orthodox Church and Museum of Icons…

Horoscope of Bosnia and Herzegovina

When I looked at the chart of Bosnia and Herzegovina (“The Book of World Horoscopes”, by Nicholas Campion), I have first noted that 4-10 axis goes through 13° Virgo – 13° Pisces, which quite clearly points out toward the significance of the United States for this country, i.e. the USA have greatly participated in “tailoring” the B&H as we know it today. Namely, it is well known that today’s B&H is the result of the Dayton Peace Accords signed on 21st November 1995, as well as that the very axis of 13° Virgo – 13° Pisces is the axis related to the USA (you may read more about this in my article  USA and 13º Virgo – 13º Pisces Axis –  ). It made me think…I wondered which degree of the Zodiac could be significant for this country, in which the old and the new are combined… It is interested that the midpoint of Saturn (the old) and Uranus (the new) in the chart of this country is at a very symbolical degree, at 0° Aquarius! Also, the midpoint of Saturn (the old, the past) and Neptune (the future), which carries both the Sun (the rulers) from 13° Pisces and the Moon (the nation) from 0° Pisces, is at 0° Aquarius. Finally,  Neptune is the ruler of 10 – the reputation of the country, so this is what gives the reputation of this country in public – the country where the past and the future are combined…

Sarajevo chart

It made me thing that precisely this degree could be significant for this country, as, behind 0° Aquarius is 29° Capricorn (the end of the past…) … Finally, the description of the British magazine “tempestuous, yet a wonderful and inspiring marriage…” would fit into the symbolism of 0° Aquarius. From 29° Capricorn we move to 0° (the new, the beginning) of Aquarius, which is a rather specific degree of the Zodiac, as across it the axis 29° Cancer – 0°Leo, the place where the two lights (the Moon and the Sun – the symbols of life) are combined… The message of the Universe from 29° Cancer is – “changing of beliefs” as this is the point known as the Third Eye (Jupiter, the sixth charka)…

The three times when the world has heard of Sarajevo

However, let us go back for a second to the moment when the world heard of Sarajevo for the first time. What the people from Sarajevo like to say is that the world has heard of it three times.

The first time, it was on 28th June 1914, when a member of the organization Young Bosnia, Gavrilo Princip, shot the symbol of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, the presumptive heir to the throne Franz Ferdinand. At the place of this assassination, i.e. in this street, you can visit the Gavrilo Princip museum and hear interesting, even funny, stories and anecdotes about this event, which was the trigger of World War I, after which several empires disappeared – the Austro-Hungarian, the Russian, the Ottoman empires …

 If we look at the secondary progressions of Gavrilo Princip for that date, we find that his secondary Moon – the nation (moving by 1° for 1 month) got positioned precisely at 0° Aquarius at that moment!

The second time when the world heard of Sarajevo on 8th February 1984, which was the year when Sarajevo hosted the Winter Olympic Games with the famous Vucko. These were the first, and for the time being, the only Winter Olympic Games in one communist country. Does this not fit in into the nature of 0° Aquarius? The sign of Aquarius is the seat of Uranus (communism) and the very symbol of 0° is the symbol of beginning, meaning, to be first in something…

And the third time when the world heard of Sarajevo was during the misfortunate war of 1992-1995, when one of the symbols of the city – the City Hall – was also on fire…

The Dayton Peace Accords

 The war was ended by the Dayton Peace Accords which was reached on 21st November 1995 in one of the USA federal states of Ohio (as I have already mentioned in the text above). It is interesting to see the secondary cusp of 8 (conflicts, wars) of the B&H horoscope at that moment. It is precisely at 0° Aquarius!!! One of the key actors in this Agreement (as a representative of the Serbian side) was the then-President of the SRY, Slobodan Milosevic. His cusp of 8 in the directions (conflicts, wars) was then at 29° Capricorn 58’ (21st November 1995), while on 14th December 1995 (when the Dayton Peace Accords were signed in Paris), it already came at 0° Aquarius 02’…

 A hundred years since World War I – 28th June 2014

As one hundred years since World War I was precisely between the fifth and sixth Uranus – Pluto square, and as B&H has the Sun (the rulers) at MC (power) at 13° Pisces, which was activated by the  fifth Uranus – Pluto square of 21st April 2014 – forming a sextile with Pluto (transformation…) at 13° Capricorn (… the past) and a semi-sextile with Uranus (changes) at 13° Aries (… a new beginning), but also forming a trine with Jupiter at 13° Cancer (connecting with the Creator, God, within us, which is precisely the strongest at 15° Cancer, which is the point of connecting all the oppositions inside of us) – wasn’t all this a call of the Universe for the rulers in the territory of B&H to silently connect to God within themselves, by becoming close to themselves, by loving themselves and forgiving themselves, by changing the centuries long convictions and beliefs so as to enable the circumstances to change in the times ahead!? The fifth Uranus – Pluto square got activated precisely  the fifth energy center, which is related to the throat Mercury chakra, providing an opportunity, precisely in the year of the hundred year’s anniversary of the assassination in Sarajevo …

 Finally, 1-7 axis in the directions (moving by 1° for 1 year) of B&H horoscope was over 0° Leo – 0° Aquarius , which clearly points out towards the significance of 0° Aquarius for B&H, Sarajevo, as the capital of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Republic of Srpska.

Traditionally, Bosnia is linked to the sign of Scorpio, the sign of the Uranus exaltation, whereas Herzegovina is related to the sign of Aquarius, the sign where Saturn (the old, the past) and Uranus (the new) are domicile, whereas this is also the sign of the exaltation of Neptune (the future). Judging by everything, a significant degree for Sarajevo, the capital of B&H, could precisely be at 0° Aquarius…

Jupiter/ Saturn 2020 – the change is going to come…

This cycle repeats every 20 years, being in each element about 240 years. If the conjunction was in Taurus for example, it takes 240 years to move to Gemini. During those 240 years there is 12 conjunctions in earth element, 4 in each earth sign.

Jupiter/Saturn 20-year cycle – Minima or Specialis – cycle with period between two consequent conjunctions.

240-year cycle in the same element – Media or Trigonalis – from the first conjunction in one element until the first conjunction in the next element.

Complete 960-year cycle – Maxima or Climacteria – going through all elements of Zodiac.

The moment of Jupiter/Saturn conjunction going from one element to another is considered to be very important period, when the focus of the human kind is being changed. This change is called „Grand Mutation“.

The last „Grand Mutation“ was on January 26, 1842, when Jupiter/Saturn conjunction entered earth sign (this is regarded as the beginning of materialism).

The change to air element will happen on December 21, 2020, when Grand Mutation will happen at 0° Aquarius, which tells a lot about the coming change.

At the end, I will say this  – the moment of Jupiter/Saturn conjunction at 0° Aquarius on December 21, 2020 is so important, because secondary Moon in USA chart will be also at 0º Aquarius. I see it as an appearance of a very important woman that will bring big changes to USA and the whole world. In that same year in November there will be elections in USA! Sarajevo also could be the very important point in the world (because there WW I was started), and Jupiter/Saturn conjunction at 0º Aquarius may open something very big, because, than we’ll have this conjunction in the air element, so, this could be a “big step” from the earth (Body- unconsciously ) to the Sky (Mind- consciously), this could be the end of some old conflicts, because there will be an opportunity for all of us to use more mind, to think more, to be more humans…

ispred RY horoskop Anima Mundi photo********

Chart source:

„The Book of World Horoscopes“, Nicholas Campion

Smiljana Gavrančić is the editor-in-chief, founder and owner of INFINITY Astrological Magazine. She obtained her astrological education at the Institute for Astrological Research and Education “Johannes Kepler” in Belgrade, where she graduated in October 2010, defending her thesis in Mundane Astrology “European Union – In Varietate Concordia” (united in diversity) and obtained the status of a graduated Astrologer Researcher. In February 2011, she met requirements to work as an Astrologer Consultant and in March of the same year, she became an International Certified Professional Astrologer (ISAR C.A.P.). Smiljana is a member of ISAR (International Society for Astrological Research) and of the Astrological Association of Great Britain. During the academic 2010/11 within the post-graduate level, she studied Hermetic Astrology. In addition to consultations with the clients, Smiljana finds great inspiration in research work, which she presents in her astrological texts. A special emphasis input on finding significant degrees in the Zodiac for a specific country in the area of Mundane Astrology or a significant degree for relations between two persons in the Astrology of Relations. In her search for responses to the question as to why something (or someone) is happening to us, Smiljana also practices Karmic Astrology, as well as the Astrology of Archetype (fixed stars, mythology). Smiljana studied International law and Law of International Organizations at the Faculty of Law of the University of Belgrade. She interrupted her studies at the last year (in 2006) and since then, she exclusively dedicated her life to self-study of astrology. Smiljana writes articles for  The Mountain Astrologer blog, ISAR Journal, The Astrological Journal AA UK.

Smiljana was a speaker at two KAPA conferences in Serbia (“REGULUS IN VIRGO”, November 2011 and “CHIRON’S MESSAGES”, November 2013).

In September 2015 she was a speaker at online international astrological conference  CINASTRO 2015, Brazil . Her topic was – Russia and 19° Libra.

Krishnamurti Institute of Astrology, Kolkata, India, was published Smiljana’s article about Russia and 19° Libra during it’s conference in January 2016.

Smiljana was a speaker at The AA’s 48th Annual Conference. The AA’s 48th Annual Conference ”Building Bridges and Expanding Our Horizons” took place 9th – 11th September 2016 at Wyboston Lakes near Cambridge, UK. Her lecture was: URANUS IN TAURUS 2018. During her visit to UK, Smiljana  gave a talk in the London Lodge, too (19th September, 2016).


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