WORDS: SUZANA ĐOKIĆ, homeopathic practitioner, Recall Healing facilitator and moderator of Recall Healing education in Serbia with Gilbert Renaud


We are sick as our secrets. But not the ones we hide from other people. We are sick from secrets we hide from ourselves,  those we carry inside of us but don`t recognize, or have forgotten.
As Karl G. Jung said: „What does not come back to our awarenes, comes back as a destiny.“

Our subconscious mind in endless Ocean that defines everything about us. It stores all our life events, feelings and memories, from the moment we were in the mother’s womb, and memories from ancestors as well. Subconscious mind is a thousand times more powerful than our conscious mind and controls our health and our life.
Traveling trough Recall Healing we put together puzzle of our life, make connections and understanding of events, emotional traumas and diseases that are following us.
Recall Healing reveals the background of biological processes that connect the emotional conflicts with certain diseases and conditions, as well as solution for their resolution.  To unlock the secrets of our illness, Recall Healing integrates the knowledge drawn from several areas of medical specializations, evidence-based scientific research, psychology and observation of biological laws and the behavior of humans and animals in nature.

The disease is not our enemy. Every disease and every symptom has its meaning, has a message. It express what we carry in the dept of our inner being. This new awarens is our internal healer. Insight in our previous emotional traumas, and touching and feeling this lived experience, associated with a condition or disease, is the best possible way to a better future.

For the most of the pathologies today we know what kind of emotions and traumas person has experienced and which are connected with disease process. This connection comes from science of embriology and knowledge of human evolution.  So localization in the body where pathology is manifested, is not accidental. It depends of connection of our psyche, brain and the body in the context of the embryonic  and evolutionary development of the human organism and follows certain bilogical laws.

Our brain controls everything that happens in our body.  Most of time illness did not came from outside. It is process that comes from inside.  Each part of the body is controlled by a corresponding part of the brain, including the brain itself. Brain is programmed in terms of biological survival and its main function is to keep us alive.  Therefore, the brain must  processed billions of peaces of information coming outside and inside, making calculation trough past, present and future, to make best possible solution to keep us alive. So we can say, the diesese is nothing else but best possible solution for our brain to maintain life in that moment.
Imagine you are a child and had a very bad day.  Your friend broke your favorite toy and your mother was angry at you because you reacted to much. You feel sad, angry and misunderstood.  Your  go to bed and you are so overwhelmed with those unpleasant feelings and hurt.  It is very stressful for you and you can`t find peace and rest which your brain and body needs. If we can`t find solution for problem we experienced, if we are overwhelmed with problem, our focus is on that problem and we are detached from outside world and our daily life. But in biology for our brain it is very important to pay attention what is going on around us in order to be alert and ready to avoid danger. Brain must reduce stress in our conscious mind. So our brain downloads the problem, as a part of  conlict in our subconscious mind. We feel beter but each time our brain does this, it stores also the conflict in the body part which corresponds with that peculiar conflict. And in next days, or weeks we start to feel some symptoms in the body. But after some period of time, six months for example or one year, we are diagnosed with some disease.

People talk over and over again about events thinking that they are problem, but in reality the are not, and thats why they can`t find any solution.  But in Recall Healing we use biology to research where is the actual problem and what traumatic events make impact on our body and life. When we use bilology and its rules it gives us starting point to ask the right important questions to make person remember about events he would never consider. We use biology to help client to have insight what is going on in his mind and what are the emotions  and memories that affects his health and life.
This insight prevents us from being trapped in old negative patterns, and those negative  patterns permeate our life and make us feel unhappy, unloved, sad, upset, feel anger or fear… Sure we have moments in our life when it`s normal to have those emotions, we normally have whole range of emotions, but important is not to get stuck in them.

In Recall Healing we ask right questions to find buried emotions and traumatic events and bring them to awarens of client in ordere to be resolved. When we succeed, we see resolution of an associated physical or psychological disease. We are not victim of illness, we just express certail illness according to our life story.

When client comes to the Recall Healing facilitator, he takes him to journey from the present moment and moment of diagnosis, going back on life line of the client, finding crucial moments in the life cycles from the moment he was born. Next step of exploration is pregnancy, because everything what was happening to parents in the period of conception and pregnancy is recorded in the client’s subconscious mind. Third level of expoloration is the family tree, including three previous  generations. We also carry memories and unresolved conflicts from our ancestor and they also effect our body and our life.

When we identify those conflicts and events, the effect is amazing.  We must honor the past, live in present and create the future. And when we honor what happened, when we honor the pain that we carry, we must reframe it, changing the perspective, we must forgive and let go of anger and pain. This allows us to live more in present, to enjoy the life and it changes our biology and biology of our children and future generations, because the brain does not need to repeat same patterns and feel same hurt in order to resolve it. We can finally live fully life without baggage that belongs to past, or does not even belong to us.