People say that we are able to do whatever we are dreaming about. They are teaching us to be strong, to pursue our dreams, to follow our stars. But sometimes those stars stop shining. We stay in the dark, with no path in front of us. The light that lead us is no longer shining, and we are confused, then disappointed, and at the end the anger is taking us over.

Every day we need to make a million decisions. In that process we need our daily routine, to take small steps we are repeating from day to day. Following those small steps we are used to do, rarely we think of changing it. Yes, we could think about it, we could even try, but sometimes it’s not easy to do it. Our small daily rituals are keeping us self-collected, preventing us from falling apart, in the rush of the modern life. Routines becoming important highlight without we can’t go through the day. In time we are convincing ourselves that not only the days are depending from or small rituals, but our whole life.

And that is the catch that is holding us down, preventing us from fulfilling our wishes, pursuing our dreams, and at the end fulfilling our destiny. But, nobody knows what destiny is preparing for us. If we don’t try to take a challenge, we can never be sure what was right or wrong for us.

So we need to let go, we need to open our hands, open our minds, and make the first step. Psychologists say that creating comfort zone is good thing to do, because it’s representing familiarity, safety, and security. But we need to recognize the moment when we are ready to grow and transform, and we need to step out from our safe circle.

Our own prejudices, believes and stands, that we are creating, not only about the surrounding but about ourselves to, are keeping us tight on the place. When we close our eyes, clear our mind and open our hands, and make the space for the new emotions, acknowledgments, and viewpoints, we can be positively surprised how bigger picture of our life is getting a new perspective.

Leaving our comfort zone is the hardest, but it can be the most liberating step in life. When we made it, everything that comes after is easier and happier. If we break with old and bad, new habits are bringing joy. When we stop smoking, taste of the morning coffee becoming richer. When we are falling in love, sex has a new meaning. On the other side when we stop falling in love, we can see the real colors, of the sex to. When we know how to put our friends and families on the place, when we are strong in the stand in front to the coworkers, everything is easier.

In one point of my life I was torn out from my comfort zone. I was young, at the beginning of my adulthood, but the war made me a refugee. After peaceful and well-being childhood I suddenly needed to fight for the existence. I’ve had to build a new life, new carrier, literally to start from the scratch. Since the great misfortune set my life in motion I’ve decided to look at it as the challenge, adventure and to embrace all the new wanders of the world outside my small hometown.

It was the good decision. Best in my life. I have travelled, worked in the most interesting companies, met interesting people, and made friends for life all over the world. All of that have happened just because I have decided to look at leaving of comfort zone as an adventure instead as the catastrophe. I have abandon the provincial prejudices, and become open for new experiences.

And yes, it’s true. Leaving the comfort zone, can be stressful. But experiencing a little stress and anxiety now and then is a good thing, too. If all you ever do is staying wrapped up in your little cocoon, keeping warm and cozy, you may be missing out on quite a lot. So, put your prejudice behind, and fly.


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