I’m travelling and don’t stop me. I haven’t gone too far, I’ve travelled thousands of miles and those miles take me back to myself. They give me confidence. They take me back to my true self. But that’s how it suits me and I’ll never get enough of it, so why would it be any different? This is my awakening, this is my path to loving myself. The motion and the vastness that fit in the pupil of the eye are magical. I carry my fortune in my pupil and my heart. ’The smile that flows from the heart of the world to the soul of the world’ and ’Beautiful is the person whose eyes smile’. Yes, my eyes and my heart smile, together with the love on my path. It’s here, I can feel it in the air, it talks to me. Everything comes back to me with joy; everything’s mine and I’m a part of everything. The world is US, the inner and the outside.

I love to cruise in the vastness for as long as I can. I like to get lost in unknown streets and find a way to the destination. I love explorations, both on the road and within my soul. Motion is the meaning and the essence of my life; motion and travel across this wonderful world are my life and my self; they are in harmony. I know that I’m living my truth. I am a world traveler on the roads across the world that I love, get to know and recognize.

The topic of the April issue of RYL e-magazine is


The world is wonderful, along with all awakenings, beauty, the sun, the seas, oceans, deserts, windmills, the universe, birds and the inspiration that takes us far away where we meet other souls. This April issue is about this beauty through yoga, recall healing, partnerships, gratitude, love, parenthood, photography and spirituality. The world is miraculous and wealthy in its versatility.

I’ve always loved people who were strangers to me and who bring a scent of the world to me. I love the scent of their mileage and the magic that they do; because they carry the world within. Because I carry that world within. That is why I take steps forward, just like Alice in Wonderland. Because this life is a miracle and the most beautiful adventure.

’We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures that we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.’ Jawaharlal Nehru

Anima Mundi


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