Sonia Indigo is an international known speaker, life coach, yoga teacher, massage therapist, reiki master, medicine woman, astrologer, choreographer and oriental dancer. In South India, Varkala a touristic tropical beach, she offers workshops, courses, classes and therapies in these areas. 90 % of her clients are women and because of this, she develops a work focused on their needs, and specifically on the Sacred Feminine field.

Law of Attraction comes to me in a challenging moment of my life, in 2013. A friend recommended the videos of Esther Hicks, from the Abraham Hicks Publications, which I did saw them. It changed my life forever. That was the beginning of one of the most profound changes in me and my life at all levels. I still use these knowledge and tools, that I will share here with you, to inspire you to have a fulfilling, peaceful and loving life. Practicing the Law of Attraction, just makes things happen!

The understanding of the Law of Attraction and its practice, can tremendously help you changing your life.

The first thing you have to be aware is that whatever it is going in your mind (thoughts, conversations, anxieties) you give your energy and attention to it. That subject will grow in an invisible dimension and in some point of time, will be called into your reality. When you pass some minutes thinking, speaking or complaining about a certain topic, gradually, you will manifest it and have more and more experiences related to it. We are talking here about few minutes, but sometimes we are able to complain about something for hours, days, months and even years! How can our life improve if we are constantly sending out to the universe the same messages?! It’s unrealistic to expect that.

There are three important secrets to the law of attraction. The first secret is: do not complain or criticize yourself or others, do not feed negative conversations, do not gossip. Those behaviours surround your life with negativity. All these dialogues, both internal and external have to stop right now!

Deconditioning from family negative habits and belifs is also crucial. We have first of all, to be aware of our negative behaviors and negative beliefs. If you can not do it alone, ask the help of a good, honest friend. The key is awareness. If we are aware of a negative pattern of behavior, it’s easier to change it, because we are conscious of it. It’s possible that you will present the same behavior later on, but, the difference is, that you are now aware of it, and willing to stop it. And this, my friends, makes all the difference!

The second secret is: Reunite with God and rejoice in the holiness within you. Everything else will come to you naturally. What does this all mean? That whenever you are struggling or things are just not working as you want, All You Need To Do is to take a Break. Things are not going well because you, for some reason, jumped out of the “Vortex of Alligment with the Universe and Source of Well Being“, and so you need to bring yourself again into the “Vortex“. This Alignment is equal to Well being (feeling Good, relaxed, loved, in peace and flowing with life). Whenever your mind starts to wander in negative thoughts, or you are not feeling well emotionally, stop immediately whatever you are doing and go to do something else that helps you take your mind out of that subject and into a more positive feeling. Making your mind focus on something positive, that makes you feel good, this is ALL that matters. You have several tools at your disposal, for example, to go out and get some fresh air, go for a walk in a nice place, sit next to a tree, to observe the beauty of a flower, cuddle a baby, a cat or a dog, (their love is always unconditionall, and it’s the most beautiful love of all). You can also lay down, listen a relaxing music or a guided meditation and relax, you can go out and see a good friend, exercise, receive a massage, read a few pages of a good self-help book… There are so many good things you can do to make yourself feel better!

Anything that takes your mind out of the negative subject, and makes you feel good again. That is the Key.

You are in control of your life, not your mind. Being very aware of your emotions is extremelly important. Your emotions will reveal what kind of thoughts go around your mind. If your emotion is negative, of sadness, anger, resentment, fragility, victim, helpless, then you must change the course of your thoughts and actions. If you put into practice these teachings throughout your day, you will notice that everything changes.

The third secret is: the power of habit.

Having a regular morning practice, can just be all that you need, in order to make your life boost in a way that you would never imagined.In order to inspire you, I will share my personal morning routine. Feel free to make it your own or to modify it, your soul knows what’s the best for you.

Here it is: 5 min prayer; 20 min. meditation; 20 min. self healing with Reiki; 30 min. of positive and empowering affirmations; draw Angel Cards; 20 min. writing in your journal some insight, daydream, planning the day, visualization of what want to achieve for your life, moment of Gratitude; 40 min Yoga practice (or any other physical exercise).

This practice completely changed my life. And I’m confident that having a morning routine will change yours too. There is no excuse as “no time“. There is only a strong will to Make Your Life improve, and that is enough to make you change your rhythms and habits and wake up early (or find other moment during the day). I have a partner and am mother of two babies (3 and 2 years), and I wake up almost every day around 4h am to make my 3h practice and in the end of it, I feel Awesome and Empowered. This is the most precious time of my day and worth every minute of my dedication because afterwards my day unfolds in a beautiful way, often blessing me in the most wonderful and unexpected way.

Would you know more about this subjet? I recommend the books “Ask and It’s Given“ and “The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent“, both from Esther and Jerry Hicks, from the Abraham Hicks Publications as well as watching their videos in YouTube.


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