I believe that we, as women discover our own power when we finally understand that there is no “charming prince” who will come to save us from ourselves, who will teach us how to love ourselves.

In fact, for many woman, is exactly after an unbalanced, distorted and unhealthy relation­ship that we finally tap in to ourselves, to learn to turn in and love ourselves without counting with no other partner to come to love us in or­der to save us or to bring us some happiness. There is no such thing as happiness outside of ourselves.

Real happiness and inner peace come from a place within, where we make a decision to make our life work at all levels. Real happi­ness comes from a place of self-nurturance, from simple things as preparing a nice meal as it was for a queen, but you know what? The queen is you. Self-love is having your home clean and tidy, where while you clean you put music that makes you feel good, that helps to raise your vibration and you start to sing out loud like no one else is listening or dance like no one is watching. Self-Love is seating in your balcony savoring a cup of tea, looking to the nature outdoors, being grateful for life and feeling in pure bliss. Self-love is to take a nap and allow yourself to unplug and just rest. Self-love is to prepare a hot bath for you will essential oils, candles and soft music. Self-love is being aware of what and who makes you feel good and who doesn’t and being able to put yourself away from the people that are not good companies for you. When you start to really love yourself, without any need to please other people, you enter in a place of self-em­powerment.

You empower yourself when you can just Be, by yourself, without feeling anxious or in a hurry for searching for an illusionary love in all the wrong places in order to fill the dark gap of sadness that is so painful that you are even incapable to just stop and look at it.

You become a powerful woman in the day that you stop everything, face your pain and your fears. Stop the time, stop all addictions, includ­ing tobacco, drugs, alcohol, food, sex, and re­lationships addictions, stop all distractions as tv, social media and workaholic patterns. Stop making yourself busy. Make a pause. It means that you propose yourself to stop everything in order to feel You without numbing yourself, you feel your pain and look deeply to your pat­terns of behaviors. What are they showing to you? You empower yourself in the day that you make the conscious decision to find healers, counselors, astrologers and coaches that help you go deep within and heal yourself. In the day that you are willing to pay for your own healing instead for an expensive useless ma­terial thing, to deeply know yourself through the different astrologies and numerology, to commit yourself to your own spiritual practice and constant awareness of your own bound­aries, assertiveness and self-love, then, you empower yourself. Knowledge is power.


Spiritual practice, self-love and your own cre­ativity expression takes 3 things from you: Commitment, consistency and perseverance. The day you truly commit with yourself, you will be in a place of self-love and consequent­ly, empowerment.

Dare yourself to express your pain, your feel­ings and your insights by painting, writing or any other creative way. It was when I did this and shared it, that a reader brought to me the information about my own co-dependency, and this, was the biggest life change for me so far.

When you have courage enough to decide not to stay with your partner just because he grants you an illusionary material comfort and security, this is the starting point for taking baby steps in direction of yourself. You tap into your power as a woman in the day that you can take off all the veils of illusion and you can see if the relationship that you are living is a harmonious, loving, fair and balanced one, or not. If not, you have to consider give your­self some months and see the relationship and yourself from outside, like a movie and being able to really see the Truth. And believe me, to be willing to see the truth, takes courage, be­cause once you see it, you cannot close your eyes to it anymore.

A step of courage is that having no guaranties of absolutely nothing, still, you decide to follow your heart, that is whispering to you to save yourself, that it’s time to go, that your rela­tionship has accomplished its purpose, it has come to an end. When you listen your heart, your soul, nothing can go wrong because you are giving yourself to Love and not to fear. In that moment you walk with the Goddess by your side, within yourself. In fact, You become the Goddess, just because God or Goddess, is nothing external to us, the Goddess is inside ourselves as long as we allow ourselves to feel Her and listen Her.

Relationships are just mirrors of our own childhood, our own fears, and our own beliefs. I’ve seen adults who had loving parents and a good example of wat is supposed to be a couple, living together for over that 20, 30 and even 50 years together, happy and loving each other. However I must say, this is something rare to see. I’ve seen much more adults living unfulfilling, abusive and unbalanced relation­ships just because they didn’t’ had loving par­ents or even less a good example of what is supposed to be a good relationship between a men and a woman. And so here we go, perpet­uating the mistakes without any awareness, of the many past generations.

We tap into our own power when finally we dare to look to all our relationships and see, how unbalanced they were, (for some of us). Where were our boundaries? Our assertiveness? Our self-love?… Lost. Somewhere between doubts and unconscious fears.

Most of us woman’s were taught to be people pleasers, without any awareness of our own worthiness and birthright to say “No”. For many of us this is a big obstacle, just to learn to raise our boundaries and learn to say “No” with assertiveness.

If you are dreaming with a loving, balanced re­lationship, don’t expect it to show up in your life before you live one like this with yourself first. The harmonious, healthy, balanced and lov­ing relationship start with yourself first. When you are able to be by yourself, live and work by yourself, create, love and nurture yourself, when you feel at peace in your own house and in your own solitude, then you reach the vibra­tion that matches with someone that might be coming your way to complete a happiness that is already there. You have to be and feel complete in yourself. In the day that you feel like this, without dreaming with any illusionary relationship, then you step into your own pow­er, and eventually you attract the “good one” for you.

But of course, if you are already in a beautiful relationship with a, loving and attentive part­ner, well, stay there. This is just a calling of at­tention and awareness for the ones who are not happy nor in healthy relationships.


For me, and in this stage of my life were I am living in South India with my two little daugh­ters, far away from my family and friends, and I got separated, I can tell you, I had to face many insecurities, fears and pain until after 6 years relationship I decided to separate. And I can tell you one thing. I felt like I was going to fall from the Cliff without knowing if I was going to break my face on the floor or if I was going to fly. From the moment I made the decision, took action and prayed to the Goddess, the Path opened up in front of me and God brought me to this wonderful house in the nature in a quiet place where I am living with my daugh­ters. I spread my wings and I could fly after all. Today, when I sit in my balcony alone, I feel an indescribable inner peace and certainty that all will be okay. I decided to choose Love in­stead of fear. And so as I am not willing to give myself to the anger or resentment, I am not bringing myself to lower vibrations or of bad events. Also, I remind myself every day of how much inconstant is life. Today we are alive, to­morrow we, or the ones around us decide to go, become ashes and vanish into the tin air. So, in this process of separation and divorce, I decided not to fight for any material rights in court. It will be his karma or dharma to give me back or not all what I gave in this relation­ship. I look forward and live only one day at the time. I do have middle and long term projects, I do look ahead, and however, I decided to live one – day – at – the – time.

I am also aware that the most difficult rela­tionships in our life, those people are in fact, our karmic masters, and so, seeing this from a spiritual point of view, I am grateful to him, for all, as it brought me to this place of aware­ness, self-love and self-empowerment.

Dear Sisters, you will find your own power when you just decide to stop giving away your energy without thinking well first if you really want to give it or not, if you really want to get angry or not. You will step into your own pow­er when you learn to speak calmly your truth and still be assertive, but without screaming, offending or hurting the other one. That is self-empowerment when you are finally able to speak your Truth from a calm and grounded state of being.

You will find your own power when you stop letting any guy enter in your sacred womb, when you make a decision that your womb and yourself are sacred territories, you will just not let anyone come, unless is deserving of your sacredness.

When you decide to shake up from a dormant life, you will help other woman’s to wake up also from their own dormant state. Remember the three key words: Commitment, consisten­cy and perseverance.

All it takes is courage, determination and a strong connection with the Divine in you. I wish to you Health, Happiness and Love.


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