My blue night

Mia Medaković-Topalović, multimedia artist

‘’THE KEY OF THE WORLD‘’ Progress Gallery, December 2019

Art is the author’s duplicate. His emotion and shadow. Unparalleled and immeasurable love. Artwork is a reflection of talent and skill. Proper­ty of mind and spirit. Sense. Being. What he is … Art is the way to the heart center.


In Mia Medaković ‘s creative expression, in her ex­traordinary being, we recognize the ultimate gift. The name Anima Mundi itself carries the energy of the Soul of the World in which the pulsating center of cosmic geography opens. In her work, the artist is imprinted onto the world as a gold­en swirl from upon which her artistic eye emerg­es to bring us closer to beauty. We recognize a special mission, when the fragile hands, with the help of the camera, captures life and holds it in its embrace. The aforementioned exhibition The Key of the World is the counterpart of her eye. An artistic path to oneself.

Like a barefoot nomad, she circles the world with a compass and binoculars. Above the in­terspersed maps of what a thirsty desert seek­er finds icy springs and paradise. Tremendously swaying, guided by fiery signs, recognizing roads and spaces. Turning footage into a story, into inspired lyrical passages. Placing them in ware­houses, in concave crystal lenses that take us into the world.

The photographic project forms in a blink, in a unique moment of inspiration, directing the cam­era body and lens, sharply pulling the shutter button. Applies the process of finding your own angle. Not just the visual. Rather, fascinated by the gaze, it captures an emotion that gives it a different perception. Personal and artistic.

The artistic process is contained in the curiosi­ty of the author. With the camera, it delves into the texture of the landscape, speaks with a clear sense of poetic thought and pronounced colored surfaces that multiply, circulate and alternate in flashes of light. In search of the object, focused on the sun, on the silver roofs of the sky, stepping through forests and ancient ruins, down dusty roads and rivers. Approaches to isolated land­scapes, focused on near-unrealistic landscapes, on buildings and places of worship covered with secrets …

Through relentless walking, the artist conquers spaces, collecting the specks of dreams and imagination, building a visual accumulation of observation. Opens new visions. Through the use of personal critical excitement in artistic expres­sion, creating a new, original perspective. Land­scapes break and shape vertical and horizontal gold ropes; tightens and measures their static and clarity. In the footage, he emphasizes pho­tographic art, oscillating between stripped-down life realism and phantasmagoric abstraction. It takes us into illustriously fictionalized stories, creates footage that incorporates literalism. As in a broken book, in a visual resource, it explores the relationship between man and nature as an unbreakable primordial bond.

The Key of the World exhibit is a subjective com­munication of photographs taken at different locations, skillfully selected, intuitively united in affiliation and content. Crossing between geo­graphical areas and time zones, the artist com­bines the exhibited work into a collection point of her own aesthetics, appraisals, and standards. It forms a sophisticated, at the same time decisive attitude, and with precise choice displays, the top qualities and qualities of its art show a kind of honor to its expression and inspiration.

Photos by Mia Medaković-Topalović were built as a record and a document. In the creative pro­cess, she portrays a footprint of a distant world that explores and approaches through a person­al vision, passionate, expressive inspiration. The project has been developing and building over the months, in different seasons, focused on movement, inspiration, and energy. The photos speak of an alchemical search for an unusual expression. About recognizing the documented face of a distant world. The artist finds a phan­tasmagoric beauty in her exploratory campaign. She carries the key of the world, a sensor that breaks padlocks and locks to open a kaleido­scope of magic and wondrous landscapes. That magic she carries with herself. She finds the oth­er side, beauty embedded in her own being.

At the origin of this art is the music, flute sounds, floral scents, wind, rapid breathing, rapture, fire, rapture, throaty laughter, the sound of the sky … And the sound of life. You can hear the gallop of the heart … We recognize the colors, the land­scapes, the red sky, the green shadows of the earth. And all those glittering oceans and water, Air. Light. Monastery walls, saints faces. Chasti­ty lush vegetation. Dance. We get to know about different cultural phenomena. An open or embel­lished path opens that the artist steps. Through the light. Or through the lofty surfaces of the world from whose center a glowing sign emerg­es and destroys darkness. And all that conglom­erate phenomenon is about beauty.

The Key of the World exhibition speaks of art as a visual universe by Mia Medaković-Topalović  About an eye that keeps memories. Keeps the hug with life.

Zvezdara, December 2019.


Photography. Exhibition footage.

Mia Medaković Miomira Anima Mundi Topalović:

‘’ I walk and leave my marks. I am as rich as my pupil fits eye ‘’…


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