We live in the era of smart technology.  Our devices serve as the extension of our own information field, capturing our memories, thoughts, musings, and writings.  Through our devices we connect to the world web, exchange ideas, connect with kindred spirits and disconnect from those that are not.  We stand strong in the idea that the digital age has brought us unbelievable opportunities to freely create, that we sometimes forget to ask ourselves how much of our own power we disimissed in the process, trusting the delicate machine in our fingers over our inner might.

Biljana Bokun

George O’Donell is a researcher who teaches people how to develop inner skills of remote viewing through his academy called ARVARI.  His programs are the result of longitudinal research of world’s leading secret services, which explored the idea that the human brain is of infinite powers.  What they found is that, under certain conditions, our brains are capable of connecting to the invisible information field contained in the ether, known as The Universal Mind – thus being capable of downloading any information an individual seeks.  A good number of successful enterpreneurs are aware of this.  They invest in trainings and practices, which enable them to consciously access that web in order to gain unique ideas for projects, predict the changes on the financial markets, and to play in that infinite timeless space.  What these individuals have in common is unwavered trust in the impossible and Spartan dicipline in their practices.

I have been actively pursuing my own research in the domain of infinite human potential, which is how I became O’Donell’s student myself.  What I can say with certainty is this – the wave of the New World, which we are creating together is already on its way.  All the smart technology in action leads the way to our own learning of the Technology of Self.  It is on us to accept that we are much more powerful than we may assume.

To illustrate this with an example I will share with you a lesson, which I recently learned from my smart phone.  There were too many applications running, too many open windows, too many exchanged messages – the intelligent machine turned itself off self-willingly.  To my surprise, my body followed it, having had to process all the information, type all those messages, and carry out all of my thoughts thoughts.

Biljana Bokun RYL

The period of enthropy, of the total loss of energy – came next.

What was mine to learn was that enthropy carries a mighty gift, if we fully allow it to express itself.  I used to fight it by participating in social outings, forcing myself to workout, and to carry out the activities to overcome that unnatural, yet overwhelming fatigue.

This time, I relaxed and slept, instead – for two days.

I allowed myself to enjoy this rare luxury.  Instead of intellectualizing the experience that I was going through, I simply let myself be.  I allowed to be carried by sleep and heaviness of my tired body, knowing that the rare depths of my being were pulsating with new ideas, magnificent, yet still incomprehensible to my limited mind.

When the conscious mind shut down, the superconscious went to work.

As I type this, the battery on my phone reads 100%.  I am aware that the day is young and that I have just touched on its energetic capacities.  As the hours and thoughs go by, I will stay aware of the number in the corner of my screen, as it will tell me a lot about my own energy levels

As above, so below.

As within, so without.

Just like our devices, we have our own RESTART buttons.  If we want to realize our inner potentials, the time has come that we learn how to use the button.  Maybe all those open applications and windows are not even necessary on our phones – the whole world is already within us.


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