Many people would argue that 2020 was the year when the apocalypse was upon us and the end was nigh. Certainly, there were moments when we all counted the minutes we have left. A lot of interesting events, many changes, and most of all, a global pandemic happened that has reshaped the world as we know it. The majority will say that the year was unpleasant and potentially one of the worst in history and that the worst is yet to come. However, I would invite you to look at this year from a different perspective and allow yourself to accept the fact that it was not so horrible as many would have it believe.

It is undeniable that people have suffered quite a lot throughout the year, though, when have they not? Nevertheless, we focused mostly on one thing that was sweeping the world like nothing before, a global virus that has infected millions. With no end in sight, it seemed that the world is coming to an end and that the Mayan doom prophecy will finally come to fruition. No, let’s stop there. What this has helped us realize was that the world was supposed to change. We had to learn that some jobs are not mandatory to be done in a crowded office, our healthcare is not outstanding as we thought, and that we must improve how we take care of each other. If anything, the events of 2020 have given us a glimpse of what must be improved in order to make the world a better place. Unfortunately, thanks to the Internet, it is now easier than ever to spread hoaxes and have people believe in a lot of nonsense. As such we have seen an uprise of false information that could make things far worse than anything that happened during the year.

Focusing only on the negative experience and not giving yourself a chance to see the good and amazing things that have transpired only makes it harder to truly appreciate all the nice things we have had so far. No, don’t try to erase the wrongdoings nor try to forget anything bad that might have happened, far from it, embrace it, process it, give it space so that you can emotionally mature from it, and eventually accept that life has changed. However, don’t ignore all the positives that might have happened meanwhile. Without even realizing it, perhaps our lives have turned for the better. If today someone smiles at you, smile back, don’t ignore it, give yourself enough space to feel happy, even in the darkest of times. After all, who can make your world better if not you?

Not everything is as bleak as we think it. There are many good years to come, many enjoyable nights to have, many friends to befriend. Now, if ever, is the time to make your life better. Take the chance that you have, and plenty of time we have been given, to better yourself, learn something new, pick up a hobby, enjoy time with your loved ones, work on yourself because you ‘didn’t have time’ so far. No more excuses!

End of the world happens every so often and so far, we have been through a bunch that has only made us more aware of our surroundings, why make this year of doom any different? We are still standing tall and we need to continue doing just that: stand tall, look up to the sky, because that is the only limit we have. Come anything that might, bare your teeth and be prepared to fight back. The world belongs to us who are willing to fight.

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