Metamorphosis 12340 is a deconstructive avant-garde collection, inspired from insects which undergo this biological process involving a conspicuous change in the insect’s body structure. As such, the process of metamorphosis is instrumental to the proper development of their life cycle. The collection is comprised of 4 models which are crafted with great emotion. The colors in conjunction with the forms are intended to represent the aforementioned process of metamorphosis. For instance, in the case of a butterfly, metamorphosis unfolds in four different stages: 1) egg; 2) larvae; 3) cocoon; & 4) butterfly. Therefore, the name of the collection, Metamorphosis 12340 is representative of these four stages. The presence of a “0” at the end of the name symbolizes an infinite circle of continuous birth and death. The textures of the materials represent the plant world. In addition to this, the process of metamorphosis symbolizes rebirth. As such, in a figurative sense, further inspiration is derived from people belonging to the queer community. In this sense, queer people are another example of a group which undergoes rebirth due to accepting their true identities which enables them the start of a new life. Yet another inspiration for this collection comes from the idea of emotional disturbances as a form of emotional decomposition. Otherwise, the collection is filled with masks and socks intended to cover the face as a fashion accessory. The editorial is directly inspired from the elements of water and earth which give rise to the plant world.