This capsule collection was inspired by Renaissance motifs and Renaissance artistry. Specifically, the conceptualization of the capsule collection draws from the ways in which nature was represented in Renaissance paintings. In these paintings, artists moved away from the abstract represented in the medieval aesthetic to try to capture life in its most representational form. As such, this shift is purposefully represented by placing the setting of the photoshoot in nature itself. Furthermore, natural landscapes served as a backdrop for a heightened spiritual experience during Renaissance times. This journey for spiritual purity is represented in the light-shaded types of textile chosen as materials. However, at the same time they are juxtaposed with the representation of gold. The gold symbolizes a nod to the luxurious, hints of which are reflected in the rise of hedonism during the Renaissance. Furthermore, the garments contain mixed elements which combine the aesthetics of the lower and higher social classes of this time period to create an innovative ideal of beauty. The white fabric in the garments represents the simplicity and functionality in clothing favored by the lower classes at the time. On the other hand, the incorporation of corsets, pearls and other luxurious accessories represents the opulence of the higher social classes. Finally, the golden armor which accessorizes the white velvet gown represents the rediscovery and incorporation of ancient motifs into Renaissance art.