KaLeIdOsCoPe ThIs NaTuRe In Me


“The beauty of truth is that the moment you hear the truth something inside you responds, says yes. It is not an agreement of the mind, remember, it comes from the totality of your being. Every fibre of your being, every cell of your body nods in tremendous joy, ‘Yes!’ “ – Osho

A few weeks ago, a memory popped up on my Facebook, a reminder of a moment about five years ago. Just by seeing the picture, my whole body started to feel this place again, the sensation of the snow in my face, the cold in the body, the playful joy walking on a still virgin floor totally covered in white. With my friend, we were the only two crazy Girls laughing and taking pictures under the winter gray sky in Brussels.

I realized, once again, how much I love my gypsy memories. They always remind me of how far and how deep I can go outside and within. I not only travel, I move…. I take my luggage and change houses, cities, countries and continents. I have been experiencing life in all its forms, shapes and cultures.
And I not only move… I live, taste, smell and dip myself into the new.
I cannot say that I know much what it is that everybody calls the ‘comfort zone’. I step out of it, I jump outside, I make myself available to receive new challenges, new directions and new experiences that will bring me closer to myself.

Then, maybe, the question will be…What does all this bring to me? Or better, why is there this thirst for the new?
As far as I can remember, I’ve had a burning desire to meet my Self, my True Self. The vastness of all experiences, the joy of discovering another door inside me, meeting another part of my longing, knowing about another expectation, learning from another fear or rejection.

And, as a Kaleidoscope plays with multiple reflections, mirrors and infinite combination of duplicate images of an original, the Nature in me is not one OR the other… the Nature in me is both, it’s the original as well as the reflection of it, it’s the light as well as the darkness, it’s the joy as well as the fear, hatred as well as love.

By denying one part of myself, I’m avoiding to see one part of my humanity, losing opportunities to learn and follow my way to Authenticity… means, the way to the beginning of all.
By embracing the whole spectrum of my life, by embracing the opposites, I’m enriching my experiences, my insights, my openness. By owning whatever ‘guest’ comes to visit us, I don’t transcend anything… I transform everything, bringing back my natural power.

Our life, our true Self, our true Nature is a permanent process of changes, renewals and transformations. It’s our pulsation, our heartbeat, our breathing that arises and manifests our true nature permanently in something else, always marvelous and unexpected as a magical Kaleidoscope.
We are fans of experience, much more beautiful, richer and bigger than anything that we could come up in our imagination.
The Art is to flow with it, embracing the unexpected and realizing that the Divine and Eternal in us is tasting the world through our personal experiences. Every time we allow ourselves to be truly touched by Life, we are changed in profound ways. What we look for in all creative self-expression is to touch and transform the human Heart… We represent the creation, the constant outflowing of the manifest, changing the universe in the eternal now. We all participate in the Divine Creativity.

The Kaleidoscope is my own and personal way, my inner creator, my self-expression, the Holy Nature in me.Seeing Life through its different mirrors gives me this unlimited vision of the world, learning from every person, every situation, every feeling and every sensation.
It reminds me how everything is about being real, authentic, knowing our light and darkness, embracing our whole humanity as well as the courage to do so. It reminds me of the vastness of the Human that I am, the multi-faceted ways how I can express myself and, at the same time, I can see how, at the end, the center of the Being is only ONE.

The NaTuRe in me KaLeIdOsCoPiCaL… this is the gift of the Art of Transformation… always evolving, changing, moving, experiencing….
The invitation for you is to be willing to dive, explore and be surprised by your own Divine Nature. Take the challenge, walk to the edge of your comfort zone and do a leap of Faith… Life will surprise you by doing 100 steps toward you giving you as a gift the experience to be always Alive.


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