To homeopathize (I personally invented this term a few days ago) your loved ones means to expose them directly or indirectly to the effects of information extracted from any substance in this world by diluting (dissolving) it a few hundred, thousand times with water, and this exposure would lead to improving of their health condition in many levels.

Information about the essence of a substance, about what differs this substance from all the others, and transmitted by a drop of water, is a homeopathic remedy. As simple as that.

Homeopathize your loved ones by telling them a story about the world’s first Homeopath, Hippocrates, who got an idea, out of the blue, between 460 and 370 B.C.: „Omoia Omoiois Eisin Iamata!“ which translates to „similar is cured by similar“. Ancient Greeks performed their homeopathic healings („purifications“) on a large scale in theaters. Human emotions that hindered health were „tuned“ by exposing people to performances during which the audience could see suffering or joy of the actors, they could identify themselves with the characters on stage. According to the homeopathic principle the suffering seen on stage obliterated the suffering viewers carried themselves, and they came out of the theatre healed.

Homeopathize your loved ones by giving them a nice book which simply and clearly explains the matter. Your loved ones don’t have to speak German, in which the first books on this subject were written. Those books have been translated. Language barriers have been removed. A long time ago.

Homeopathize your loved ones by giving them a homeopathic remedy known as arnica from your homeopathic first aid kit when they accidentally cut themselves with a kitchen knife. It won’t fail!

Homeopathize your loved ones because since his beginnings, the human cries out, miserable and grievous, for something a German physician Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843) finally brought down from above with his prayers among us, sinful and mortal creatures. Even though Hahnemann himself was hated, humiliated, harassed, persecuted, a “higher force” still believes that the human being as it is, miserable and grievous, deserves a gentle, noninvasive, effective medical method, which will ease earthly sufferings.

Homeopathize your loved ones, but be ready and patient – they will fight it with all their strength. It is in our nature. We complain how hard it is, how we suffer, how horrible this life and this world is, how everything is painful and hard, but often we exult over how successful we are in creating selfpunishment with this martyrdom. We punish ourselves… for what? That is the question everyone should answer on their own!

Maybe even those of you who will accept my suggestion to homeopathize your loved ones find a sort of creative punishment in this agonizing process… Because is it really fun to fight for supremacy with various pills packed in ideally designed boxes (I am honestly thinking of using some of those as jewellery boxes)? What chances do your (our) plain white beads in a transparent plastic bag on which the remedy name is handwritten (c’mon!) have? Is it really fun to constantly answer questions such as: “And why does the Russian Academy say homeopathy is quackery?” Which Russian Academy and when did they say it? Did they phone them? Did they put leaflets in their mailboxes? Why are our loved ones so keen on accepting information which contradict our efforts to homeopathize them? And since when do our loved ones know so much about the placebo effect? Why is it easy for them to believe that the swelling on your dog’s nose due to a bee sting subsided because of the placebo effect of the homeopathic remedy apis? And since when do dogs get the placebo effect??? Did Samuel Hahnemann really had fun trying out 2000 homeopathic remedies himself for the benefit of the health of mankind? Was it really fun to step away from the mainstream medicine of that time, with all the leeches, poisonous mercury and a craze of letting out patients’ blood for healing purposes, in order to starve and wait for God to give him a bitter sign, a bitter road sign in the form of quinine, a road rign not only to health but also to salvation? Was it really fun to swallow some quinine on purpose to produce the symptoms of malaria, in order to come to the epochal discovery and the base foundations of homeopathic medicine, that only the substance that causes specific symptoms in a healthy person can cure a sick person with the same symptoms? Up to that time it was believed than quinine cures malaria because of its bitter taste (yeah, yeah, yeah…).

Was it really fun to steer his loved ones on that road till the end of his life (dare I say on the road of salvation)?… No. But we still keep homeopathizing our loved ones… Why? Because we know that we are loved. Beacause for those who know that they’re loved fun is not the purpose of life. Because we know that our loved ones are also loved. Because we know that they think they are not loved. Because we know how little it is needed for them to remember… Let us keep searching for that little something, because in that little something there is no space for anything else but Love.