Emotion as a way

Andjelka Kolarevic



Man, although separated from the nature he keeps in himself its cycles, which are invisibly and insensibly expressed together with the rhythm of nature.

During the winter and cold and dark days, everyone experience the feeling to cuddle in his warm and comfortable apartment or feels the lack of energy. He needs more sleep and he would idle as the nature does.

As the nature wakes up and shows with its outcrops and longer lasting days with more and more sun, likewise our organism refreshes and gets strength and mood changes. Emotions which man has got to regulate relations between himself and it’s nature with the world that surrounds him, depends on how much importance we give to that world or how we experience that world depends on our system of value. What is important to us will bring a certain emotion.

Change alone and the awakens of the nature will be noticed and will excite any person who rejoices changes. Who notices the reborn, who is in line with himself and its surrounding he will notice the changes and in himself. You will wake up with joy and serenity with the urge for your change and action. All the others, although there is a change happening on a biological level in them for preparing for the arrival of the awakening the nature, who struggle with their inner arguing, unsolved problems, depression, variety of fear – real and irrational, they won’t notice the new outcrops or budding of everything around them.

How to wake up our true nature, that childish joy we all were moving through days, without fears, without worries? The man of this days, often, with more ruthless technological requirements of work, thinks and believes that he has to struggle, and that he can not relax and enjoy, neglects his sensations of pleasure, often pressed to provide themselves and their families decent life. What is often overlooked is the fact that we have everything that we need in our life. Every situation, experience, emotion. The life by itself.

Tijana Dabić photThus, our bad, unpleasant emotions are given to us in the right time and those emotions we judge as threatening, unsatisfactory, according to what we could or wanted to achieve. The same unpleasant emotions can wake up and convert into the good mood, they can awake our will, and give us strength for the future. In which way? First we have to understand that they are not bigger than ourselves, then that we are not responsible for what occurred, because they are natural reaction to what is important to us.

However, we are responsible for how we use them, and how we will manifest them. Even the bad emotions, if properly they are understood, can help us become a better person! In the beginning we have to get aware of them to recognize that we are tense, angry, sad, irritable … And to pause a little bit and accept them. Like some kind of a gift we don’t really like. Then to ask ourselves for what we were, what was our goal, before we felt that way. Is that goal something that we can reach in this moment and for how long we can postpone it? And maybe we can not do anything, and we have to accept it. But we can always do something else. At the moment of our bad mood we can feed birds or prepare our favorite cake, to take our loved ones for a walk or to go out and sit on a bench and stare at rising of the nature.

All together with the accepted unpleasant emotion. Let us be aware of it, it will slowly melt in acceptance and will become our strength to continue. All around us is a calling. The call to change, to grow, to give. To just be yourself, and get the most out of life, and be in line with ourselves, the world and the others. When we put things this way, we will achieve exactly what is the most important to us – the right to exist and love.


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