Mrs Aleksandra Ubović, the French language teacher, the life coach, the trainer of the program by the methods of Louise Hay, the author of the book “Become and stay slim forever”, the angel therapy practitioner, is helping people on their path of personal development. By following her inner voice and the voice of the angels, she has got enough courage to take classes at the best, the worldwide famous angel teacher Doreen Virtue.

How did you hear your angel and went to USA to attend Doreen Virtue workshop?

My guardian angels have spoken to me eight years ago for the first time, and except of hearing and seeing them, they wrote me down a clear message on a white board that was in front of me. On the board it was written:


YOUR PURPOSE: Angel coaching

By that time nothing anymore was clear, and a fear in me was stronger than happiness, which is usual, because in is in our nature that we consider everything that we cannot explain as a potential danger. My angels have introduced themselves, said their names to me (the ones that I have never heard in my life before, so by searching Google I have find out who they were). From that very moment I have started to open myself for that kind of concept, and started to attend the workshops about a communication with the Angels. Firstly, I was at lovely Divna Savić workshop, the author of one great book Angels in a heart, furthermore at a workshop of my dear colleague Snježana Sredojević, whose book Angels for beginners was a course book to me after the first experience, and last but not least, at a workshop of divine Margarita Milenković, who truly has been given and still is giving a significant contribution on my development path and opening to the energy of Angels.

I have heard about the seminar/training of Doreen Virtue during the spring time, but in those days everything has seemed far away and impossible. Firstly go to Hawaii, and then to provide funds for the whole venture. However, when some story is supported, all the doors will open very fast and easily, and the only we need to do is go with the flow. And I have done that.


What experiences are you bringing? How Doreen’s workshops look like?

Above all, her seminar is one very well organized manifestation. I have to admit that I was very proud of mine and a work of my husband Sinisa Ubović, because seminars that we organize can be compared to the international ones!

We have been studying, practicing, listening work with the energies of angels and we have exchanged previous, and experiences from the seminar, from 9am to 6pm, for whole three days.

DV is absolutely gorgeous, and I was particularly fascinated with the fact that she is one stable and relaxed woman, who does not make a big deal of everything she is doing, but with lots of humor and great energy gives you all the knowledge she has!20161010_011444

How does Angel therapy look like?

The Angel therapy looks exactly like the coaching séance, but we just ask an Angel for a help. Sometimes we need this help to get an answer, sometimes as strength to get over some things, and sometimes as wind in back for some new projects. Angels are always here to support and help us, we only need to ask for their help.

How many Angels are there and which one is the best Angel?

There is the infinite number of Angels in this world, and with Archangels they are all around us. When we are open and ready for their company, we begin to notice small signs which confirm their presence.
Sometimes it is the white feather that comes out of nowhere, sometimes a coin, and sometimes numbers in a row, like 444 or 111. They are just some of the examples, and there are myriad of them. In the end of this interview I will specify one!

My personal Angel and my protector is Archangel Michael.

How to communicate with an Angel?

In my opinion, the easiest way is through meditation, than through angel cards and books. Often I use a book 101 Angel number by DV, in which there are all the numbers from 1 to 999. I ask the question, imagine a number, and get the answer. Due to a fact that there is always the law of attraction present, the answer is right in 100%.

Say YES to life!

The Angels have been with the editor of RYL magazine while she was writing the questions for this interview, and this can be confirmed with the fact that she ended the interview with the sentence which I used to answer to the invitation of Margarita Milenković to be her guest at a lecture and present my work with Angels. LITERALLY, my answer was:

Say YES to life!

ISpred RY angel Anima Mundi