When I say “The Big Blue”, what are YOU thinking of? A movie by that name? The azure colored sky? Or the deep blue waters of some tropical island? Half of the Ukrainian flag? A big blue topaz piece of jewelry? Or the beauty of lapis lazuli (some may call it “blue marble”)? Or even a fancy blue diamond? The nickname of the company IBM? Delft Blue? Perhaps the color of your or a neighborhood house or build­ing? Or the Blue Mosque in Istanbul? May be your car? A blue vase? A blue suit or dress? Blue steel? Blue flowers like lavender?

Or perhaps the moody blues, not just the name of a band, but also the melancholy mu­sic from the American South? Or the Earth as seen from a distance in space? Or someone’s big blue eyes? Or even someone with blue col­ored hair? A blue hat or scarf? Or a blue bird? You may even remember the photo exhibition by our editor Mia she had at the Galleria shop­ping mall a few years ago, where her theme was also “Blue”.

Well, ”blue” is everywhere. Just a small sam­pling of words with “blue” in it: bluegrass, blue­berries, bluebeard, bluefish, bluebell, bluenose, bluebird, blue-line, bluebill, blueprint, blue­head, blueweed, bluewood, bluetick, bluefins, bluejack, blueness, bluesman, bluesier, blue­book, bluebeat, bluecaps, bluefin, bluegum, blueish, blueing, bluejay, bluecap, etc.

Or just perhaps, you think of the clarity, the pu­rity that the color blue represents. The awake-ness of the blue color, that is: a color that actually keeps you awake (so they say). The vastness of the skies, or the oceans, in oth­er words, something indeed very big? Do you know about the blue hour, for example?

If I said to you: “You have a blue heart”, you might think that I said that you are sad, suf­fering from “the blues”. But if I expanded that to “The colors of your heart are a beautiful big sparkling topaz blue”, you would smile from ear to ear take and than me (to all my readers: consider I just said this to all of you).

So what is Big Blue, then? Isn’t that ultimately up to ourselves, how we think about things? In wisdom circles there is the now already fa­mous saying that your thoughts create your reality. The Big Blue can be something totally spiritual to you, or totally physical. Totally joy­ful, or quite moody. Your choice.

Isn’t interesting that many religious people equate the blue sky with “Heaven?” So, the blue sky denotes something very hopeful and blissful.

Imagine yourself sitting on the back of a big blue bird, flying through the blue heavens and looking down on the blue sea or blue lavender fields below while wearing blue clothes? Or imagine yourself on the back of a blue dolphin and enjoying the ride of your life? How wonder­ful that would be. I dream of flying around the universe on the back of a deer, but of course I could turn him blue for a while. Why not!

Personally to me, blue represents freedom, especially of movement. We are free to move through the blue skies with our planes, kites, balloons, tennis balls, parachutes, and sadly also with human made airborne bombs. It al­ways makes me sad when I see how so much that was so lovingly given to by “(the blue) Heaven” is so horribly being misused and de­stroyed, especially by the big egos of ignorant tyrants of all types, not only destroying lives, but also Mother Nature. That is the same as killing your own mother. A major nuclear explo­sion can ruin the magnificent blue of the skies. Recent forest fires in Canada ruined the blue skies and turned them orangey-yellow even as far down as the Big Apple (New York City).

Can one water or air molecule say to the one next to it “I am going to live my life separately from you all; I have nothing to do with you guys anymore! I’ll take care of my ego-driven, indi­vidual self. We know that this is not possible. But how then we think it is possible for humans to assert such foolishness and untruths for ourselves? Aren’t we are like the big blue skies and big blue seas and big blue whatevers? We are one; in fact one family, and we can keep our humanity skies blue if we live in peace and love with each other. That’s true freedom. That one drop of water or puff of air doesn’t lose its unique self when it instead says to her fellow drops or his fellow puffs: we are all the same; we are one, we are each other, and yet we can relate to each other. Together, we make up such a beautiful oneness, one whole, and to­gether we make up the big beautiful blue color we are. We are one, and yet we can relate and interact. This is the great miracle of life and the universe! That’s true freedom of movement of the heart.

So, next time we look into other’s blue eyes (or whatever color they may actually be), we can say: I see myself. We are one big spar­kling blue and as blue as blue can beautiful­ly be. We glitter, we light up the universe, we color our love blue, and we shine and spar­kle like blue diamonds, for we are all precious and bring out such divine value when we love each other unconditionally. The throat chakra is blue; we can clear it by speaking sparkling blue words of love, compassion; always of an uplifting nature.

Yes, I am an idealist, but the only way to make the world better is by being the best blue spar­kling diamond, lapis lazuli, sky, deep waters, birds, or be whatever ignites your imagination.

Go outside and stretch your arms out in cele­bration of the Big Blue above and all around you, or jump into the blue waters and have all that blue wetness surround your entire being and Refresh You.

RYL: A Blue Refresh this summer time.

Big Blue Blessings to all!


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