The world we are living is unforgiving and sometimes very harsh. We cannot always expect good things to come our way and in most cases, we can only hope that we can do the righteous thing. Amidst the chaos people have also forgotten what it is like to share a good thought, to be kind, to be a humane person. People have forgotten about their sensibility and focus mostly on their sense, and nothing else. While it is important to be a rational person and view reality with a pragmatic mindset, we should also not forget that without compassion the world will not become a better place. To find the golden middle, to find balance between sense and sensibility is what makes life interesting and challenging at the same time.

Our sense has evolved over the years and now, more than ever, we are aware of many things surrounding us. We are also led to believe that no matter what happens in life, we must look at it from a logical standpoint because emotions and kindness have no place in the modern-day life. The world is a wonderful place full of amazing things and, sometimes, even inexplicable events that we cannot fully understand. Maybe we should not even try to figure it out. Yet, as humans, we try to find sense in everything, because if there is none, that means that we cannot control it, nor can we become masters of it. We forget that feeling the things around is just as important as it is to comprehend it.

Just like with everything in life, there are always to sides to everything. Sense and sensibility are basically the opposite sides of the same coin. You might think but the two do not have anything in common, even more so, the two contradict each other. It is just like with the feeling of love and hate, in essence, they are the same emotion just the opposite side of the spectrum. The same goes for sense and sensibility, they stem from the same notion: to understand and be understood. We want to know the world, and we want the world to know us too. Though, in the quest to fully grasp the world around is, we tend to lose our focus and the fact that understanding and feeling is just as crucial as breathing.

Throughout human history, we can notice the ups and downs of how people care more about each other than caring for something abstract. Right now, we are in the middle of the ‘careless’ wave and once again, we are learning just how important it is to open up and to be kind to each other. Technology and science can help humanity progress and at the same time, it will hinder our ability to be sensible. Prosperity and peace, world peace, can only be obtained if we manage to balance out both our senses and sensibility. Finding a bit of Yin in Yang and vice versa.

The world is never black or white, nothing in life is, everything is in the grey area. It should be with our senses too. We cannot expect that only this or that is the right or wrong way. There is a bit of everything, and we must be able to understand all the aspects of our lives to proudly say that we can do something. Unless we become masters of our own senses, unless we can see beyond reason sometimes, we cannot be human. Even simply being alive we are going against the odds because nothing in this world is meant to thrive unless it has a heart and a will to fight.

The next time you want to make a harsh decision or do something on a whim, take a second and consider the side of it. Make sure that you understand what would be the sensible thing to do, or what would be the logical approach. In either case, you must find the answer in the middle.


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