Imagine a world where everyone is just happy and as unique as they are – what a disaster for the pharma, health, beauty and many other industries!

The world is designed to make us want to compare against ideals. There is someone more intelligent, talented, skinnier, sexier, better looking with wrinkle-free skin. I just want to be like her or him! What can I do to improve, to become closer to my ideal? I need a new beauty product, a personal trainer, a coach, a better job etc. The list can be endless.  However, all of this is normal, we all do it and that is okay.

The question that you have to ask yourself is the extent to which you compare yourself and the measures you are undertaking to change yourself. What I perceive when I observe people around me is that their focus is always on the ideal. For example, they want to become like this beautiful model they have seen in an advertisement. The focus of change seems to be always outside of oneself. But when you ask them “What is your personal why, what is the reason you want to change?”, you will get silence.

Of course. Because it requires inner work. You need to confront yourself with the hard questions like why are you not satisfied with how you are? What makes you think like that? Is it you or is it the people around you?

So what do we get in the end? In the process of comparing ourselves and chasing ideals, we often only lose ourselves!

Always remember: You are you. There is no second human being on earth that smiles, thinks, looks, speaks, loves, cries, etc. like you. You are unique. And you are not on this planet to be like someone other people want you to be. This requires confidence and trust in yourself. Unfortunately, due to our society and how we grow up, we lose this confidence.

My wish for you is: Be YOUnique. But most important be happy! That doesn`t mean that I don’t want you to change. Change can be something fantastic. But always reflect and think about your personal why. Think about the reasons that are within you and that are not based on another person’s opinion.


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