What is inner silence for you? Take a moment and feel it inside. How can you have this peaceful connection with yourself all the time, weather you are at work, on the street, performing for excellence in your profession or at home, spending quality time with family and friends?

For me, Silence=Space, Inner Silence=Inner Space.

Would you like to experiment? Here is an exercise:

Feel your body. How much space do you occupy in it? Are you relaxed and fluid up to the skin level? Or are you contracted and cramped somewhere inside an organ or a little cell? There is no right or wrong. Just become aware. Now expand beyond that space and occupy some more, until you fill up the entire body, consciously. Now expand beyond the physical body:

Occupy 1 meter in all directions, like a sphere, 2 meters, 10, 100, the size of your city, the size of your country, the size of the continent, the size of the whole planet … the size of the galaxy, the entire Universe. Now close your eyes and perceive: is there an end of you? If you find an ending, take a step beyond that limit. Hat is there? Something else or still “you”? From this space look back at your body and see how you feel: you are in your body or your body is in you?

Now focus your space around your body and occupy as much space as you need in this moment to feel at ease, relaxed, joyful.

This is a very powerful tool that you can use whenever a situation overwhelms you. Whenever you need solutions, you need to expand and occupy enough space in order to contain the possible solutions as well, to go beyond the emotional reactions, beyond projections, expectations and the intensity of the moment. For example if someone yells at you, that is an intense energy directed at you. If you expand out and maybe you need to occupy 100.000 km to contain his intensity, your intensity, the problem and the possible solutions, it will be easier for you to manage the situation. You will not take it personal and you can find win-win solutions that will make him stop yelling and focus in the present.

When you are Space, intensity does not create trauma anymore. I define trauma as something that is too much for you in that moment. You are not trained to contain and manage that kind of intensity and it fires your neurology. It creates a block in your energy. It can be a very “negative” or very “positive” ex­perience. It is simply too much and you shut down in order to survive it.

When you find yourself in such a situation, pause for a moment, inside that intensity and ask your inner silence: how much space do I need to occupy in order to have ease with this and find better solutions? Einstein said this very clearly: “In order to solve a problem, you need to go to the next level of intelligence than the intelligence that created it.” Like zooming in — zooming out to see the forest or one tree, depending on what you intend to do.

Please play with this tool like an experiment. Take it and adapt it to your real needs, improve it in ways only you know! Explore that spaciousness inside you, your brilliance, wisdom and flexibility! When you operate from this space, in tune with your essence, you are vibrationally magnetizing towards you all that you desire.

Did you know that the only reason why you don’t have the things you’d like to have is: because you do not spend enough time& focus on their wave length.

So start now and synchronicity will happen!

And be aware it is a process, the more you practice being in that inner space of silence and richness, the more natural it will be to you. And you will see results. When you create tension inside you with a contracted attitude of fear, justification or fight, then you expand the problem. Your reaction and resistance makes the problem bigger. Create space around it, instead! Make yourself bigger than the problem and the problem will not dominate you anymore. You’ll see the real causes, beyond what is said and the easiest and most effective solutions.

Would you like that? If yes, then take the first step right now and show the Universe that you are really ready to receive your desired life. What concrete action can you take right away, after reading this article, to have more space for the things you’d like in your life?

Get up and just do it!

And when you feel generous, please leave us a comment below, so that other people can be inspired by your courage to create miracles beyond current beliefs.

Thank you for your attention and have a fulfilled life!


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