Dreaming of relaxing on the white sandy beaches of the Maldives or experiencing London’s busy street life, but short of money or time?

No need to despair, because exploring your own city as a tourist this spring is just the right medicine. As an added perk, you will not need to pack. 🙂

So, get your camera or selfie stick ready and snap away.

Kick start your local adventure by soaking up the sun on Kalemegdan Fortress and enjoy the views of Danube and Sava rivers confluence. Pay a visit to the Belgrade Zoo – one of the oldest Zoos in Europe. Or unveil the secret tunnels, caves and bunkers of underground Belgrade that will put your history knowledge to the test!

Leaving the Kalemegdan Park and Fortress, Princess Ljubica’s Residence and St. Michael’s Cathedral might be your next stop on your way to Parliament Square, as both of these were proclaimed the Monuments of Culture of Exceptional Importance, protected by the Republic of Serbia.

Did you know that Belgrade hides a secret cave right under Tasmajdan Park? Yes, a cave! Throughout history, the cave system was used as a quarry, for the excavations of stone blocks and as a shelter. It is expected to become one of Belgrade’s “must-sees” in the future.

Visit to Saint Sava’s Church, one of the biggest Orthodox churches in the world would not be complete without exploring its underground crypt, the treasury and the church dedicated to Holy Prince Lazar. Covered in marble and granite, this impressive crypt is yet to be decorated with mosaics and is certainly well worth a stop on your local adventure.

Whether Serbian traditional music and rakija are your cup of tea or not, a walk through Belgrade’s Bohemian neighborhood – Skadarlija – is a great way to fall in love with your city all over again. Charming cobblestone streets, colorful terraces and art galleries will certainly inspire you to get your camera out of the bag and polish your photography skills. That will definitely get you some likes and shares on social media!

After exploring the very heart of the city, you might decide to continue your day in Zemun, by climbing up to the Gardos Tower. It was built on the remains of the fortress, to celebrate a thousand years of Hungarian settlement. Climb up the hill as the tower itself is worth the effort, and it also offers some beautiful views of the Danube river and Zemun neighborhood. Wander through the Zemun Old Town, enjoy the architecture and some well-preserved historical charm. Then finally complete your day by taking a stroll along the Zemun quay. Relax on the bench with a book in hand or treat yourself to a fish dish in one of many wonderful restaurants on the riverside. Either way, it will be the perfect ending to a day well spent.

This spring, we dare you to create and share with us your perfect day itinerary in your own city whether you live in Novi Sad or Rome, and we would love to hear about it! And remember, sometimes the least expected places might take you to the most exciting adventures.

Happy Travels!


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