Nine years ago I got offer to work in Barbados, not even knowing where is that island I said YES.

Than when I got home I asked on Google: “Where is Barbados?”
Barbados is an island nation located in the Caribbean. We’re actually the easternmost island in the Caribbean and completely surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean.

Barbados is 432 square km, 34 km long and 23 km wide. The country generally experiences two sea- sons: wet season and dry season, the average temperatures range from 21 C to 31C.
Rihanna is one of Barbados’ best-known artists.

Than I arrived in Barbados in 2007 and start my own experience.
1) One of the protected Chattel house . The houses were constructed to be transportable in the event of landlord and tenant disputes. The name chattel referred to the fact that they were movable property.
2) Crop Over Carnival
Crop Over (formerly called «Harvest Home») is a traditional harvest festival which began in Barbados, having had its early beginnings on the sugar cane plantations during the colonial period.

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