Pripremio iz Kabula za RYL: Dejan Stojičić
Report by Dejan Stojičić from Kabul

Name: Metra Sadat 22 years old
I hope our country will be economically independent, free of terrorism and all
Afghans will live together in peace and prosperity.

Name : Lema Azizi 22 years old
I hope for an environment in which people value each other’s ideas,
have admiration, integrity and flexibility for each other, in addition,
I want to face new challenges that would keep me straightforward, strong,
motivated and confident so that I could serve human beings.

Name : Lima Emal 21 years old
To have a country where I can live with peace of mind and where I can take
a taxi to any location, without any worries if I can trust the driver or not,
whether he›ll take me safe to my destination or not….

Name : Maria Obaidi 22 years old
I wish all people around the world had a safe and peaceful life especially
for my own beautiful homeland , Afghanistan, and I hope that all poverty and
illiteracy will be eliminated completely from Aghanistan.

Name : Nooria Ahmadi 21 years old
My hope is as follows: I wish to continue my studies up to PhD at one of the best
universities in the world and work as a famous programmer and that everyone in
Computer Science (CS) will know me.

Name: Sadaf Waziry 21 years old
I want to see a stable, prosperous, secure and peaceful Afghanistan.
I hope one day we have social and economical stability in all aspects of our lives.
May we see a smile of happiness and hope on faces of our suffering countrymen.

Name : Zeenat Kohestani 23 years old
I hope for happiness and health not only for myself  but for my family,
my friends and my fellow countrymen. Happiness for me as an Afghan is to live in
my country without fear and I hope that one day we will have a secure country because our hope is security in our country.


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RYL/Refresh your life – decembar 2015.